On­ta­rio’s pro­po­sed la­bour law chan­ges will hurt young wor­kers the most

Ca­na­dian evi­den­ce con­sis­tently shows mi­ni­mum wa­ge hi­kes re­sult in fe­wer job op­por­tu­ni­ties for inex­pe­rien­ced and low-ski­lled wor­kers

La Jornada (Canada) - - ENGLISH SECTION -

The On­ta­rio go­vern­ment re­cently pro­po­sed a se­ries of chan­ges to pro­vin­cial la­bour laws, in­clu­ding a sig­ni­fi­cant hi­ke of the mi­ni­mum wa­ge to $15 per hour. But the pro­po­sed chan­ges will hurt the vul­ne­ra­ble wor­kers they’re meant to help. 32 per cent, the ne­ga­ti­ve ef­fects on youth em­ploy­ment will be stark.

And be­cau­se On­ta­rio will im­ple­ment the mar­ked in­crea­se over less than two years, the ne­ga­ti­ve ef­fects will be mag­ni­fied as em­plo­yers - in­clu­ding many small bu­si­nes­ses - will ha­ve little ti­me to plan and ad­just ac­cor­dingly.

The go­vern­ment al­so plans to in­crea­se la­bour costs in ot­her ways. Tho­se in­clu­de man­da­ted hig­her be­ne­fits for em­plo­yees (mo­re paid va­ca-

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