• Go­ver­nor Ge­ne­ral apo­lo­gi­zes for te­lling the truth

David Johns­ton told the un­var­nis­hed truth: all Ca­na­dians, in­clu­ding abo­ri­gi­nals, are im­mi­grants from so­mew­he­re. No apo­logy ne­ces­sary

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Ca­na­da’s go­ver­nor ge­ne­rals ha­ve been fa­mous and in­fa­mous. They ha­ve pla­yed lar­ge parts in our country’s his­tory. In so­me ca­ses, the con­tri­bu­tion has been dra­ma­tic. Whe­re does David Johns­ton’s re­cent ca­pi­tu­la­tion put him?

In 1926, the King-Byng af­fair kept the country spell­bound as it un­fol­ded, af­ter Gov. Gen. Lord Byng re­fu­sed Pri­me

Mi­nis­ter Wi­lliam Lyon Mac­ken­zie King’s re­quest to dis­sol­ve Par­lia­ment and call an elec­tion. Be­fo­re Byng, Lord Grey and ot­hers ma­de de­ci­sions that sha­ped the country we know to­day.

So what are we to ma­ke of our cu­rrent Go­ver­nor Ge­ne­ral’s ab­ject apo­logy for te­lling the truth?

Du­ring a CBC in­ter­view, Gov. Gen.

David Johns­ton said that all Ca­na­dians are im­mi­grants from so­mew­he­re. That’s the un­var­nis­hed truth. Most of our an­ces­tors ca­me to this country by ship, train or air­pla­ne. In the ca­se of abo­ri­gi­nal Ca­na­dians, they ca­me the hard way - by wal­king over the Be­ring land bridge.

The­re’s no sha­me in that. It’s just a fact. The only truly in­di­ge­nous peo­ple on Earth are Afri­cans, be­cau­se that’s whe­re ho­mo sa­piens ori­gi­na­ted. All of our dis­tant an­ces­tors spread out from Afri­ca and in­ha­bi­ted most of the pla­net.

So why did the Go­ver­nor Ge­ne­ral re­tract his true sta­te­ment and apo­lo­gi­ze for ha­ving the te­me­rity to speak the truth?

The ans­wer seems to be that it’s all part of the sa­me cra­ven ca­pi­tu­la­tion to po­li­ti­cal co­rrect­ness that vi­li­fied Sen. Lynn Be­yak for ma­king a few mild and ob­viously truth­ful ob­ser­va­tions about In­dian re­si­den­tial schools - the sa­me co­wardly ca­ving in to po­li­ti­cal co­rrect­ness that even cau­sed the on­ce mighty Con­ser­va­ti­ve Party of Ca­na­da to cen­su­re the se­na­tor.

It’s po­li­ti­cal co­rrect­ness run amuck. For so­me stran­ge reason, when it co­mes to abo­ri­gi­nal is­sues, the­re is no li­mits to how far peo­ple will go to sa­cri­fi­ce truth for the sa­ke of not of­fen­ding the sen­si­bi­li­ties of so­me abo­ri­gi­nals.

The idea that abo­ri­gi­nal peo­ple ha­ve been he­re sin­ce the be­gin­ning of ti­me is a myth but no one seems wi­lling to say this ob­vious truth. Cer­tainly, the Go­ver­nor Ge­ne­ral isn’t wi­lling to say it.

And what if part of the crea­tion myth of so­me abo­ri­gi­nal groups was that the sun goes around the Earth? That’s a com­mon mis­con­cep­tion in many crea­tion myths - af­ter all, myths ca­me about be­fo­re peo­ple had scien­ce to help them un­ders­tand phy­si­cal phe­no­me­na. Would Johns­ton then apo­lo­gi­ze if he re­fe­rred to this scien­ti­fic fact and an abo­ri­gi­nal per­son ob­jec­ted?

Let’s be clear: Johns­ton’s apo­logy is a re­trac­tion and the im­pli­ca­tion is that - scien­ce be dam­ned - if an ag­grie­ved group is vo­cal enough, their story must be ac­cep­ted. If his­tory has to be rew­rit­ten, and if scien­ce has to be stood on its head, then so be it. If a crea­tion myth has it that peo­ple sprou­ted from the land li­ke mush­rooms, then it must be true. And no one, not even the Go­ver­nor Ge­ne­ral, can say anyt­hing dif­fe­rent.

Whe­re was our mains­tream me­dia - our guar­dians of the truth - when this idiocy des­pe­ra­tely nee­ded to be ex­po­sed?

Do a search, as I did. I could find nary a peep from our tax-fun­ded CBC. Our mains­tream news­pa­pers in­vo­ked their right to re­main si­lent.

What the Go­ver­nor Ge­ne­ral - the Queen’s re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve - should ha­ve do­ne is ob­vious. He should ha­ve said, “I was spea­king the truth and I stand by it.”

Per­haps when this part of Ca­na­da’s his­tory is writ­ten, Johns­ton will be on the in­fa­mous si­de of the led­ger be­cau­se he told a lie when he could ha­ve told the truth. -TROYMEDIA

Brian Gies­brecht is a re­ti­red jud­ge and a se­nior fe­llow at the think­tank Fron­tier Cen­tre for Pu­blic Po­licy, www.fcpp.org.

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