Plea­se, con­si­der Li­ving Do­na­tion for my­mom...

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nd at help and ask for your help. I’m not old enough to donate my kid­ney, but you could be. Plea­se con­si­der hel­ping by do­na­ting a kid­ney to my mom -I don’t want to lo­se my grea­test ro­le mo­del.

You might not know a lot about li­ving do­na­tion - I know I didn’t before kid­ney di­sea­se af­fec­ted my mot­her. Un­ders­tan­dably, so­me peo­ple are afraid about the sur­gery and what li­ving with one kid­ney will mean for them. He­re’s so­me ba­sic in­for­ma­tion about kid­ney do­na­tion:

• You only need one kid­ney to li­ve a healthy, long life.

• Most do­nor sur­gery is do­ne la­pa­ros­co­pi­cally, mea­ning th­rough tiny in­ci­sions.

• The re­cu­pe­ra­tion pe­riod is usually fairly quick, ge­ne­rally two weeks.

• The cost of your eva­lua­tion and sur­gery will be co­ve­red by my in­su­ran­ce. The hos­pi­tal can gi­ve you ex­ten­si­ve in­for­ma­tion on this.

• You will ha­ve a se­pa­ra­te team of health­ca­re pro­fes­sio­nals to eva­lua­te you as a li­ving do­nor. Their jo job is to help you un­ders­tand the risks and be­ne­fits and look out for YOUR best in­ter­ests.

Thank you for ta­king the ti­me to read my story. If do­na­ting a kid­ney to me is so­met­hing you would li­ke to con­si­der, I would be happy to tell you mo­re about my story and ex­plo­re the pro­cess of de­ter­mi­ning if you are a match for me. - By

Plea­se get in touch. You can al­so con­tact my mom’ss trans­plant cen­ter di­rectly at: Li­ving Do­nor Pro­gram, 519 663-3552. My mom’s na­me is­tien­ts_Fa­mi­li­es_Vi­si­tors

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