So­cial me­dia can help dri­ve health-ca­re chan­ge

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Over the past few months, pa­tients and health-ca­re pro­vi­ders have been en­cou­ra­ged to pled­ge to im­pro­ve com­pas­sio­na­te qua­lity ca­re in On­ta­rio as part of a mo­ve­ment ca­lled Chan­ge Day On­ta­rio.

Nearly 6,000 voi­ces have ma­de pled­ges on the si­te and th­rough so­cial me­dia. They ran­ge from the in­di­vi­dual to the ins­ti­tu­tio­nal, from tho­se gea­red to­wards bet­ter un­ders­tan­ding the pa­tient pers­pec­ti­ve to ac­ti­vely com­ba­ting sys­te­mic dis­cri­mi­na­tion on a hos­pi­tal ward, from pro­mo­ting sa­fe and ef­fec­ti­ve use of tech­no­logy to im­pro­ving equi­ta­ble ac­cess to men­tal health and ad­dic­tion ser­vi­ces.

One pled­ge pro­mi­sed to “al­ways de­mons­tra­te high qua­lity and sa­fe ca­re th­rough po­si­ti­ve pa­tient iden­ti­fi­ca­tion every pa­tient, every ti­me.”

As de­ba­tes peak about the fu­tu­re of our health-ca­re sys­tem, and as health-ca­re tech­no­logy evol­ves ra­pidly, initia­ti­ves li­ke Chan­ge Day On­ta­rio are im­por­tant in fos­te­ri­ng a cul­tu­re of chan­ge at the front li­nes.

Yet des­pi­te the ent­hu­siasm of its sup­por­ters, Chan­ge Day is not wit­hout its cri­tics. So­me ques­tion the ef­fec­ti­ve­ness of the pled­ges and whet­her they will pro­du­ce tan­gi­ble be­ne­fits. Ot­hers speak to the dif­fi­cul­ties in­di­vi­duals fa­ce trying to achie­ve chan­ge and emp­ha­si­ze the need for ins­ti­tu­tions to fa­ci­li­ta­te pled­ges from the front li­ne.

But the true va­lue of Chan­ge Day runs much dee­per than the­jor­na­

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