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pro­vi­ded, in­clu­ding thanks from the girls’ mot­her for the won­der­ful Ch­rist­mas the Baars ga­ve her daugh­ters, the fos­ter ho­me was shut down. The couple was ef­fec­ti­vely pre­ven­ted from ever ta­king chil­dren in­to ca­re again.

Good­man found this to be a se­rious vio­la­tion of the Baars’ char­ter rights to re­li­gious free­dom and free­dom of ex­pres­sion. He de­li­vers a stin­ging re­bu­ke to the idea that the sta­te can use its awe­so­me for­ce to obli­ge ci­ti­zens to di­sa­vow their be­liefs, pro­claim things they don’t be­lie­ve or speak when their pre­fe­ren­ce is si­len­ce.

“The pur­po­se of the so­ciety’s ac­tions was to con­trol the Baars’ at­tem­pts to con­vey mea­ning, na­mely their at­tem­pts to con­vey their opi­nion and va­lues with re­gard to lying. ... ( T)he right to free­dom of ex­pres­sion prohi­bits com­pe­lling an­yo­ne to ex­press opi­nions not their own,” Good­man wri­tes.

Every po­li­ti­cian and sta­te agent should re­read tho­se words daily. They are par­ti­cu­larly sui­ted to the Ca­na­da Sum­mer Jobs pro­gram de­ba­cle, whe­re the fe­de­ral go­vern­ment wants Ca­na­dians to just tick the box on a fun­ding ap­pli­ca­tion form at­tes­ting that they sup­port a non-exis­tent right to abor­tion.

Such obli­ga­tory box re­qui­res, of cour­se, ig­no­ring one’s true opi­nions and va­lues re­gar­ding abor­tion. But fai­lu­re to tick the box means no fe­de­ral funds to hi­re sum­mer stu­dents, just as re­fu­sing to af­firm the rea­lity of the non-exis­tent Eas­ter Bunny meant the Baars lo­sing their fos­ter chil­dren and their fos­ter ho­me.

As with the Baars, le­gal ac­tion is now pro­cee­ding over the Ca­na­da Sum­mer Jobs per­fidy. We can only ho­pe Good­man’s de­ci­sion ser­ves a no­ble pur­po­se in that pro­cess.

Mo­re, moving be­yond the spe­ci­fic story li­ne be­fo­re the courts, we can be in­fi­ni­tely gra­te­ful the­re are Ca­na­dians who simply won’t lie down when the sta­te tells them to lie. -TROYMEDIA

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