How to spur en­tre­pre­neurs­hip in an aging po­pu­la­tion

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the li­ke­lihood of suc­cess.

The sha­re of Ca­na­dians bet­ween the ages of 30 and 39 has al­ready de­cli­ned 16.6 per cent sin­ce the 1980s, and is ex­pec­ted to de­cli­ne by another 11.4 per cent by the 2040s.

The­re has al­so been a co­rres­pon­ding de­cli­ne in the ra­te of small bu­si­ness star­tups, a key mea­su­re of en­tre­pre­neurs­hip. The ra­te of small bu­si­ness star­tups de­cli­ned by 8.5 per cent when com­pa­ring the six years (2001-07) be­fo­re the Great Re­ces­sion to the fo­llo­wing six years (2008-14), the most re­cent da­ta avai­la­ble.

And this is not a uni­quely Ca­na­dian ex­pe­rien­ce. Al­most all in­dus­tria­li­zed coun­tries have seen de­cli­nes in small bu­si­ness star­tups. For exam­ple, the Uni­ted Sta­tes ex­pe­rien­ced an 18.6 per cent de­cli­ne over the sa­me pe­riod, as did Aus­tra­lia (20.3 per cent) and the Uni­ted Kingdom (7.5 cent).

Ja­son Cle­mens

Ja­son Cle­mens

It’s al­so worthw­hi­le no­ting that the to­tal pro­duc­ti­vity per­for­man­ce of many Or­ga­ni­za­tion for Eco­no­mic Co-ope­ra­tion and De­ve­lop­ment (OECD) coun­tries, in­clu­ding Ca­na­da, has de­cli­ned along with the ob­ser­ved fall in en­tre­pre­neurs­hip, which high­lights the far-reaching ef­fects and im­pli­ca­tions of less en­tre­pre­neurs­hip.

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