Me­lat­ti: 40-year pre­sence in La­Salle

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It was in 1964 that Gi­no Me­lat­ti Se­nior foun­ded his construc­tion com­pa­ny in La­Salle. Through the years, he and his sons Mike, Dany and Gi­no Jr. pro­ved to be suc­cess­ful in the area. Their re­si­den­tial, com­mer­cial and in­dus­trial construc­tion pro­jects are le­gion in La­Salle, with about 5,000 units so far.

Members of the Me­lat­ti fa­mi­ly have al­ways li­ved in La­Salle. They are convin­ced that La­Salle is the per­fect place to live. Their at­tach­ment to the Bo­rough is high­ligh­ted by the fact that a street and a park car­ry the Me­lat­ti name. This serves as re­cog­ni­tion for a fa­mi­ly of en­tre­pre­neurs who conti­nue to de­si­gn and develop new pro­jects.

Gi­no Me­lat­ti Ju­nior says: “My fa­ther ar­ri­ved in La­Salle in 1964 and we have stayed here ever since. I be­lieve that I can sell our pro­ject be­cause our roots are here. We’re well po­si­tio­ned and we know eve­ryone.”

Me­lat­ti construc­tions are in about ten streets in La­Salle. These streets are Dol­lard, Daoust, Le­mieux, Le­febvre, Thier­ry, Sal­ley, Shev­chen­ko, Pa­gé, Du­pras, Mon­geau, and the cres­cents Mur­phy, Du­ha­mel, Cy­renne; the Construc­tion G. Me­lat­ti tra­de­mark is al­so vi­sible in other streets.

“My fa­ther bought one of the first lots on Dol­lard Ave­nue. He built two com­mer­cial buil­dings there and the Ci­ty tur­ned Dol­lard in­to a ma­jor tho­rough­fare for La­Salle”, ex­plai­ned Gi­no Ju­nior.

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