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Edu­ca­tion. For young fa­mi­lies, those strug­gling eco­no­mi­cal­ly or just anyone with chil­dren, have a re­source wai­ting to give them a hand. the Mai­son des fa­milles Lasalle of­fers free pa­rent-child and fa­mi­ly events as well as pa­ren­ting cli­nics.

todd­ler co­oking: Win­ter com­fort Food

You and your little one will have fun ma­king po­ta­to and ba­con soup and hot cho­co­late coo­kie cups. $10 per per­son. Re­quires 24-hour ad­vance re­gis­tra­tion. On Ja­nua­ry 4, from 11 am to 12 pm at Pro­vi­go Lasalle, 6767 New­man Blvd. call 514-364-7168.

Kids’ co­oking: Win­ter treats

In this class, chil­dren will learn to make crea­my po­ta­to and ba­con soup, but­ter­nut squash and spi­nach la­sa­gna, and hot cho­co­late coo­kie cups. $15 per per­son. Re­quires 24-hour ad­vance re­gis­tra­tion. On Ja­nua­ry 4, from 1 pm to 3 pm at Pro­vi­go Lasalle, 6767 New­man Blvd. call 514-364-7168.

chil­dren’s theatre: ter­zet­to

En­joy these th­ree clowns who have more than one trick up their sleeves! With hu­mor and en­thu­siasm, through contor­tions and acro­ba­tics, they pas­sio­na­te­ly share their games and their ex­ploits. $8 for adults and $6 for chil­dren. Sun­day, Ja­nua­ry 21, at the Centre Cultu­rel et Com­mu­nau­taire Hen­ri-le­mieux at 7644 Edouard Street from 2 pm.

Aside from run­ning a day­care and week­ly work­shops, there are month­ly confe­rences with spe­ci­fic to­pics held each month. In De­cem­ber, «Po­si­tive Discipline» was ta­ck­led. About a do­zen pa­rents from dif­ferent so­cial and cultu­ral back­grounds came to take part.

Led by a trai­ned co­or­di­na­tor, the work­shop un­fol­ded in a struc­tu­red way, but she was not so ri­gid that mo­thers and fa­thers with ques­tions could not ask them. It was fo­cu­sed on the im­por­tance of discipline, es­ta­bli­shing rules and conse­quences and how to fol­low through.

«I of­ten find my­self get­ting an­gry with my chil­dren when they di­so­bey. I raise my voice or threa­ten to spank them. I do not want to be a monster in their eyes,» ex­plai­ned a fa­ther of two.

She of­ten let the pa­rents speak to teach other and through the dis­cus­sion, si­mi­lar ex­pe­riences were ex­plo­red and me­thods to cope dis­cus­sed. The co­or­di­na­tor al­so took time to des­cribe «good» be­ha­vior, discipline by age and how pa­ren­tal reac­tion to chil­dren’s ac­tions can af­fect the re­la­tion­ship.

Month­ly Sche­dule

The next confe­rence will concen­trate on «Con­flict Ma­na­ge­ment» and take place on the mor­ning of Ja­nua­ry 17.

The Mai­son des fa­milles of­fers pa­rents and fa­mi­lies a place to be heard, edu­ca­ted and sup­por­ted in the dai­ly struggles life and fa­mi­ly can bring, and bet­ween the month­ly ses­sions, the cen­ter of­fers th­ree other work­shops. The «De­ve­nir Grand En­semble» where pa­rents and their todd­lers can spend time ex­plo­ring and dis­co­ve­ring, the «Être Pa­rent» of­fers group dis­cus­sions on Wed­nes­days and there is al­so the «Ca­fé-cau­se­rie», where tough sub­jects, in­clu­ding pu­ber­ty and tween hy­per-sexua­li­ty are dis­cus­sed.

The Mai­son is part of a net­work of sup­port ser­vices in and around Lasalle.

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