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For just over a quar­ter cen­tu­ry, the Ma­cri fa­mi­ly has been of­fe­ring the ci­ti­zens of La­salle a com­mu­ni­ty hub through their res­tau­rant and bar. Their Su­per Bowl par­ty is well known and at­ten­ded.

«We have been hos­ting the Su­per Bowl for a long time and we try to make it the place to be in La­salle,» ex­plains Do­me­nic Ma­cri, ma­na­ger of the bar. «My dad al­ways wan­ted us to be a place where people want to meet and share a good time. And so­mew­here where we could give back,» he says.

This year the bar will be sho­wing the game from an Ame­ri­can feed to catch the com­mer­cials. They will al­so be rai­sing funds for the Chil­dren’s Hos­pi­tal by raf­fling off a Habs jer­sey, a Shock­top beer-ins­pi­red bi­cycle and NFL me­mo­ra­bi­lia.


Sam and Ma­ria Ma­cri star­ted this land­mark in 1990 and from its ope­ning year, Sam wan­ted the Bras­se­rie Des Ra­pides to be ac­ti­ve­ly in­vol­ved in the La­salle Com­mu­ni­ty. He pas­sed away in 1994, but as a way to keep his me­mo­ry alive his wife and chil­dren conti­nue his cha­ri­table le­ga­cy.

«My fa­ther was al­ways in­vol­ved in the com­mu­ni­ty. He fo­cu­sed on being at the ser­vice of his cus­to­mers and La­salle. It sho­wed that he ca­red and we have had that loyal­ty re­flec­ted in our cus­to­mers who keep co­ming back,» ex­plains Do­me­nic Ma­cri.

The Bras­se­rie sup­ports lo­cal sports teams, churches, fun­drai­sing en­ti­ties and com­mu­ni­ty groups and events, and has done it with pride and a sense of du­ty. Al­most eve­ry Sun­day, the Bras­se­rie hosts Spa­ghet­ti-a-thons for dif­ferent causes they care about.

COM­MU­NI­TY. Even though it is a couple of weeks away, eve­ryone wor­king at the Bras­se­rie des Ra­pides is get­ting pre­pa­red for their an­nual Su­per Bowl event. For 28 years they have been hos­ting a par­ty, and while spi­rits are being rai­sed by the game, mo­ney is being rai­sed for cha­ri­ty.


Lo­ca­ted on Cham­plain Blvd., in a re­gu­lar loo­king strip mall, the Bras­se­rie is a tes­ta­ment to cus­to­mer ser­vice, fa­mi­ly bonds and loyal­ty.

Loyal­ty runs deep in the Bras­se­rie from the staff to the clien­tele. France has been here 16 years, Car­men, 18 years and Liette has been ser­ving for 23 years. They have been ser­ving some of the same cus­to­mers since they star­ted.

“My boys, af­ter their fa­ther died, step­ped right in his shoes,” Ma­ria Ma­cri said about her hard-wor­king and de­di­ca­ted sons.

Their de­vo­tion has crea­ted a work­place that gets staff to stay and of­fer ser­vice that is ap­pre­cia­ted by the ma­ny re­peat cus­to­mers. Des­pite all the pit­falls associated with any res­tau­rant bu­si­ness, the Ma­cri fa­mi­ly has made it a prio­ri­ty to serve and be ac­ti­ve­ly in­vol­ved in the La­salle com­mu­ni­ty as much as they can.

(Photo: Cour­te­sy – Do­me­nic Ma­cri)

The Bras­se­rie des Ra­pides is get­ting rea­dy to host their up­co­ming Su­per Bowl LII par­ty and raise some do­na­tion dol­lars for kids.

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