Mayor Rou­leau still in charge

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The coun­cil room in Dor­val will once again be pre­si­ded over by Ed­gar Rou­leau. Ser­ving Dor­val since 1982, he has been mayor since 2005. His last man­date has been a chal­len­ging one, with ma­ny feis­ty ques­tion per­iods from re­si­dents concer­ned about lack of green spaces, the Mc­con­nell Woods sale, Pointe Pi­card clo­sing and mu­ni­ci­pal spen­ding.

Fa­cing a fourth term, the mayor took it all in stride. «It was dif­fi­cult, but we did the right things. We are loo­king for­ward and have a lot of work to do be­cause we want to get a re­ti­re­ment re­si­dence built, get en­gi­neers to look at our flood re­lief sys­tem, get Pointe Pi­card back open and work with the air­port to stop those night flights,» he said.

De­fea­ted chal­len­ger Gio­van­ni Ba­ruf­fa was plea­sed with his own re­sults. «I can­not com­plain at all. I am a new face in the mayo­ral race and I came in se­cond. I feel pret­ty good about that,» he said af­ter the re­sults came in, al­rea­dy pre­pa­ring for the next elec­tion.

Al­though not eve­ry­thing wor­ked out for Mayor Rou­leau’s Ac­tion Dor­val team, as they lost long­time coun­ci­lor Claude Va­li­quet bea­ten by re­ti­red ca­reer ci­vil ser­vant Paul Tru­deau, an in­de­pendent can­di­date. On the po­si­tive side, po­li­ti­cal new­co­mer Ro­bert (Bob) Le Sage won Dis­trict 3 for Ac­tion Dor­val over in­de­pendent in­cumbent Da­niel Da Chao.

The tur­nout went from a di­sap­poin­ting 27% in Dis­trict 2 - La Pré­sen­ta­tion to a 44% high in Dis­trict 5 – Strath­more. But Re­sident Louise Di­neen was frus­tra­ted with what she saw af­ter spen­ding the day at her pol­ling sta­tion. «I am di­sap­poin­ted in the tur­nout, and the ave­rage age of vo­ters was over 50. I on­ly saw 10% or so were youn­ger than that,» she ex­plains.

The new coun­cil will be sworn in on Mon­day, No­vem­ber 20.

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