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DEFENSE. The Mon­treal ae­ros­pace sec­tor should be­ne­fit from a contract of more than $1.4 bil­lion to Dis­co­ve­ry Air De­fence Services (DA De­fence), one of the lar­gest pri­va­te­ly­held ope­ra­ting fleet of figh­ter air­craft. The Go­vern­ment of Ca­na­da chose the Dor­val ba­sed com­pa­ny to pro­vide its ex­per­tise in ad­ver­sa­ry air trai­ning for the next 10 years, with op­tions for up to 4 more, lea­ding to 600 di­rect and in­di­rect jobs.

«We com­pe­ted for a long term contract against large com­pa­nies, like CAE, and won. We have wor­ked for the Ca­na­dian go­vern­ment be­fore, but they were loo­king for a lon­ger term part­ner, and we are hap­py to be that part­ner,» ex­plai­ned DA De­fence Di­rec­tor of Mar­ke­ting Gar­rick Ngai.

The com­pa­ny si­gned the long-term Con­trac­ted Air­borne Trai­ning Services (CATS) agree­ment as part of Ot­ta­wa’s new defense po­li­cy. It will be in ef­fect as of Oc­to­ber.

«This is part of a two de­cade in­vest­ment in mi­li­ta­ry pro­cu­re­ment and will ge­ne­rate si­gni­fi­cant op­por­tu­ni­ties to in­no­vate. It will build on the world-class ca­pa­bi­li­ties of Ca­na­dian com­pa­nies. One of the areas Ca­na­da ex­cels is trai­ning, and I am here to ce­le­brate this com­pa­ny’s live en­vi­ron­ment tac­ti­cal skill trai­ning it of­fers here and around the world, «ex­plains MP An­ju Dhil­lon who an­noun­ced the in­vest­ment.

DA Defense al­rea­dy has ex­clu­sive contracts for air­borne trai­ning services with the Ca­na­dian, Ger­man, and Aus­tra­lian ar­med forces as well as eight Main Ope­ra­ting Bases across three conti­nents.

«[This new deal] al­lows us to conti­nue ex­por­ting Ca­na­dian know-how to the world. The other real­ly ex­ci­ting thing is the job se­cu­ri­ty as­pect. There will be over 100 jobs here in the Mon­treal ae­ros­pace clus­ter, and a ma­jo­ri­ty of those in Dor­val being good, middle class skilled wor­ker po­si­tions,» com­pa­ny Pre­sident Paul Bou­chard des­cri­bed.


Dis­co­ve­ry Air Defense of­fers air com­bat trai­ning, me­de­vac equip­ped air­craft services, air char­ter services, he­li­cop­ter ope­ra­tions, trans­port and lo­gis­tics sup­port to the clients and com­mu­ni­ties they work with.

The com­pa­ny will pro­vide their made in Ca­na­da so­lu­tions and team of high­ly ex­pe­rien­ced CF-18 pi­lots, wea­pons ins­truc­tors, ve­hicle main­te­nance, en­gi­nee­ring and sup­port per­son­nel to bet­ter pre­pare the Ca­na­dian Ar­med Forces for the fu­ture.

With air­craft equip­ped with state-of-the-art ca­pa­bi­li­ties, they can pro­vide the real world mis­sion pro­files and flexi­bi­li­ty that Ca­na­da and the world’s lea­ding air forces need.

(Photo: TC Me­dia – Fé­lix O.J. Four­nier)

War­game pro­fes­sio­nals will keep Ca­na­dian Forces elite for fo­re­seeable fu­ture as MP An­ju Dhil­lon an­nounces an im­por­tant contract for air­borne trai­ning.

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