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MU­SIC. This March, the Fes­ti­val de la voix will be ce­le­bra­ting its fifth an­ni­ver­sa­ry by ad­ding new ve­nues in La­chine and Pointe Claire and in­clude two pri­vate concerts for school chil­dren. It conti­nues to pro­vide a stage to high­light Que­bec mu­sic and en­cou­rages the de­ve­lop­ment of emer­ging mu­si­cians through work­shops.

Foun­der Ker­ry-anne Kutz crea­ted an event that pro­motes live Ca­na­dian mu­sic and of­fers the pu­blic an op­por­tu­ni­ty to ac­ti­ve­ly par­ti­ci­pate. Though she is thank­ful that Dorval will re­main a stead­fast host, the move to in­volve more com­mu­ni­ties is one she wel­comes.

«This year we are ex­ci­ted to add per­for­mances in the beau­ti­ful L’en­tre­pôt concert hall on the La­chine Ca­nal, and in the La­ke­shore Uni­ta­rian Con­gre­ga­tion on Sher­brooke St. in La­chine,» she ex­plains.

She be­lieves that as a culture we have mo­ved away from a sense of com­mu­ni­ty and the fes­ti­val is a way to help bring people back to­ge­ther.


Over the two wee­kends vi­si­tors will be trea­ted to six concerts and close to 30 ar­tists per­for­ming styles as va­ried as Broad­way stan­dards and a fe­male bar­ber­shop.

«We have a great se­lec­tion this year and some are ve­ry dif­ferent. Po­wer­ful sin­gers, eclec­tic vo­cal per­for­mances and some of the top ama­teur choirs in the ci­ty,» Kutz ex­plains.

The concerts will in­clude the ba­roque En­semble Ca­price, a mul­ti-dis­ci­pline concert de­di­ca­ted to se­niors and a fi­nale cal­led Cho­ra­lis­si­mo!,which in­cludes four past and present fi­na­lists in the Na­tio­nal Com­pe­ti­tion for Ca­na­dian Ama­teur Choirs. Chil­dren in some Dorval and Pointe-claire schools will en­joy a concert to en­cou­rage them to be part of the mu­sic and band pro­grams in their schools.

The se­cond wee­kend al­so has five work­shops, in­clu­ding two to help sin­gers de­ve­lop their sto­ry­tel­ling skills, and one about co­ping me­thods to deal with the jit­ters. For choirs, there will be two that pro­vide tips and ha­bits that cho­ris­ters can use to make re­hear­sals bet­ter and ano­ther that ex­plores the dif­ferent per­iods of cho­ral com­po­si­tions and how best to present them for mo­dern au­diences.

The event is ta­king place over the two wee­kends of March 16 to 25.

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One of the ma­ny per­for­mers du­ring the Fes­ti­val de la voix, Aca­pel­la Sounds will fill ears with their fe­male Bar­ber­shop vo­cal har­mo­ny.

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