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DANCE. A taste of the tro­pics just kno­cked on La­chine’s doors for the sum­mer. Eve­ry Wed­nes­day and Thurs­day eve­nings, free Zum­ba classes will rock the outdoor dan­ce­floor on Saint-jo­seph Bou­le­vard.

The floor was burs­ting with La­chine re­si­dents dan­cing to the rhythm of La­tin mu­sic on May 23, gui­ded by the en­thu­sias­tic ins­truc­tor Geo­va­ny Roque.

He was hi­red eight years ago when the La­chine Bo­rough laun­ched the Zum­ba Outdoor Pro­gram with on­ly one course on Thurs­days. They ad­ded the Wed­nes­day ses­sion the fol­lo­wing year. Roque is the on­ly ins­truc­tor for both and re­turns each year.

“We dance as a team and that’s im­por­tant to me,” he said.

He feels the exer­cise pro­gram’s strength lies in its abi­li­ty to bring to­ge­ther people of all ages, co­lor and na­tio­na­li­ty, wi­thout dis­cri­mi­na­tion.

Roque led the group with simple and ef­fec­tive steps. Par­ti­ci­pants stret­ched their arms while ma­king sure their feet were constant­ly mo­ving to the rhythm of the mu­sic.

Songs are tra­di­tio­nal­ly La­tin be­cause of Zum­ba’s Co­lom­bian ori­gins, but Roque slip­ped in rock n’ roll to ra­di­cal­ly change the tempo and dan­cing style.

“It helps us as ins­truc­tors be­cause it adds new types of mo­ve­ments to use. It’s al­so more fun for the par­ti­ci­pants to dance to a va­rie­ty of dif­ferent rhythms in the one-hour class,” he ad­ded.


The intensity of the classes on both eve­nings are dif­ferent. Roque re­fers to his Wed­nes­day classes as Zum­ba Gold, and the hour and a half on Thurs­days as Zum­ba Fit­ness. While mo­ve­ments are si­mi­lar, the fit­ness class in much fas­ter the­re­fore bet­ter for those al­rea­dy in good shape.

La­chine re­si­dents seem ea­ger to spend some time dan­cing and swea­ting to­ge­ther. Over the course of the hour, par­ti­ci­pants were joi­ned by ma­ny cu­rious bys­tan­ders who stum­bled upon the ac­ti­vi­ty. As the class was dra­wing to a close, ma­ny sho­wed si­gns of ex­haus­tion, but each and eve­ry one of them ex­hi­bi­ted a cheer­ful smile.

“We’re all here to just dance, have fun and exer­cise to­ge­ther,” Roque conclu­ded.

Classes are sche­du­led un­til Au­gust 16. Zum­ba Gold starts at 7:30 pm eve­ry Wed­nes­day and Zum­ba Fit­ness at 7pm eve­ry Thurs­day.

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Geo­va­ny Roque leads a group of dan­cers du­ring Zum­ba classes on Wed­nes­days and Thurs­days.

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