Kel­ly-anne Drum­mond’s killer may get pa­role

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JUS­TICE. Do­reen Had­dad is a mo­ther in ago­ny. She has spent the last 13 years trying to deal with the mur­der of her daugh­ter Kel­ly-anne Drum­mond. Now, she is pre­pa­ring for the pos­sible re­lease of her daugh­ter’s killer from pri­son.

In three weeks, Mar­tin Mo­rin Cou­si­neau will make a re­quest for pa­role. The hea­ring will take place at the Co­wans­ville De­ten­tion Centre in Que­bec’s Eas­tern Town­ships where he is cur­rent­ly ser­ving his life sen­tence. Had­dad be­lieves Mo­rin Cou­si­neau is not rea­dy to be re­lea­sed.

«He hasn’t chan­ged his ways or his at­ti­tude. He hasn’t once tried to call me to apo­lo­gize for what he’s done,» the 63-year-old Dor­val re­sident says.


The 24-year-old day­care edu­ca­tor was stabbed to death by her boy­friend in their Pier­re­fonds home on Oc­to­ber 3, 2004. The knife was lod­ged in Drum­mond’s neck and se­ve­red a main ar­te­ry.


This will be Mo­rin Cou­si­neau’s se­cond pa­role hea­ring. He made a re­quest for day pa­role in No­vem­ber 2014 and it was tur­ned down. The Pa­role Board of Ca­na­da (PBC) had se­rious concerns about his pro­gress while be­hind bars.

«The Board is of the opi­nion that you re­main an unac­cep­table risk for so­cie­ty,» the de­ci­sion read. «You are still in de­nial about the of­fi­cial ver­sion of the events and you still be­lieve that you are the vic­tim of the cri­mi­nal jus­tice sys­tem.»

Du­ring the Sep­tem­ber 4 hea­ring, the PBC will again eva­luate the now 44-year-old’s risk of reof­fen­ding.

Mo­rin Cou­si­neau is as­king for day pa­role, which could al­low him to take part in com­mu­ni­ty-ba­sed ac­ti­vi­ties un­der spe­cial condi­tions. At night, he must re­turn to a half­way house. Full pa­role nor­mal­ly fol­lows suc­cess­ful com­ple­tion of day pa­role. At that point, of­fen­ders would be al­lo­wed to re­side in a pri­vate re­si­dence.

Had­dad says she will not at­tend the up­co­ming hea­ring. She has al­rea­dy sub­mit­ted a writ­ten vic­tim im­pact sta­te­ment. Had­dad has al­so as­ked the Board to im­pose se­ve­ral res­tric­tions that Mo­rin Cou­si­neau must fol­low if day and/or full pa­role are gran­ted.

Of note, she wants him to be ban­ned from re­si­ding on the West Is­land. «Kel­ly-anne had a lot of friends who still live here. He will not be wel­come,» she says.

She hopes the PBC will make the right call.

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