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Th­rou­ghout the sum­mer the tem­po­ra­ry per­go­la, bis­tro coun­ter, co­ve­red ter­race and self-ser­vice li­bra­ry in Wel­ling­ton Square ser­ved as a cen­tral hub for re­si­dents and people vi­si­ting through the bo­rough. Lo­ca­ted on Wel­ling­ton Street bet­ween Galt and Church, it be­came a fo­cal point for ma­ny of the ce­le­bra­to­ry events of Mon­treal 375th as well as a full slate of sum­mer­time ac­ti­vi­ties.

Laun­ched in 2017 as a pi­lot pro­ject, its fu­ture will be de­ci­ded by Ver­dun re­si­dents them­selves. Af­ter as­king about their ex­pe­riences, six themes emer­ged on how to im­prove for next year’s ver­sion. The pu­blic was as­ked to fill in a Réa­li­sons Mt­lon­line sur­vey to find out what is nee­ded to make it bet­ter.

Res­pon­dents were as­ked about their le­vel of interest on vi­si­tor com­fort, ex­pan­ding the space, more em­pha­sis on the «sea­side» theme, re­du­cing the num­ber of struc­tures, ea­sing ac­cess for pe­des­trians and ad­ding more ac­ti­vi­ties.

Ver­dun and the Mon­treal Ur­ban Eco­lo­gy Cen­ter conti­nue to use a par­ti­ci­pa­to­ry ap­proach to fi­gure out the concepts. The Square is a th­ree year pro­ject that will conti­nue to de­ve­lop. It will be ins­tal­led on a tem­po­ra­ry ba­sis again next sum­mer, and then a per­ma­nent de­ve­lop­ment will be made in 2019 as part of the Ci­ty of Mon­treal Pe­des­trian and Sha­red Streets Im­ple­men­ta­tion.


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