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RECYCLING. As part of Que­bec’s week of waste re­duc­tion, Un plant de to­mate à la fois, in col­la­bo­ra­tion with the Mai­son de l’en­vi­ron­ne­ment de Ver­dun, held a Ze­ro Waste Kit­chen Work­shop in Sou­th­west Mis­sion. Un­der the su­per­vi­sion of Chef Léo­nore Pion, at­ten­dees lear­ned the ba­sics of green cui­sine, in­clu­ding an­ti-waste tricks, and the vir­tues of en­vi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly lo­cal consump­tion and using the en­tire in­gre­dient.

Green cui­sine is part of the gro­wing Ze­ro Waste mo­ve­ment where in­di­vi­duals, fa­mi­lies and ins­ti­tu­tions em­brace a phi­lo­so­phy that en­cou­rages grea­ter awa­re­ness about the use of re­sources. Examples would in­clude re­pur­po­sing hou­se­hold items, recycling eve­ry­thing from fur­ni­ture to cur­tains and reu­sing clo­thing.

Where food is concer­ned, Ze­ro Waste pushes for lo­cal pro­duc­tion of food, using eve­ry piece of the in­gre­dient and mi­ni­mi­zing food waste. John, at­ten­ding his first work­shop, wants to save mo­ney. « I find food is so ex­pen­sive, and I am a pen­ny pin­cher. If I can learn how to save on food, I will try any­thing once, » he says.

The Ze­ro Waste Kit­chen Work­shop meal pre­pa­ra­tion in­vol­ved ma­ny such ideas in­clu­ding how to de-bone a whole chi­cken, which are chea­per to buy than pieces. The meal al­so in­clu­ded the pre­pa­ra­tion of a ze­ro waste re­cipe using a staple ve­ge­table, the squash. They were sour­ced lo­cal­ly, which is a key part of the Ze­ro Waste mo­ve­ment. The chi­ckens, do­na­ted by a lo­cal gro­cer, were pre­pa­red four ways, and the squash was not on­ly made in­to soup, but broi­led and ba­ked as well. Even their seeds were re­cu­pe­ra­ted to be broi­led for snacks.

Sou­th­west Mis­sion Kit­chen Chef Léo­nore Pion wel­co­med in the ba­se­ment of Ver­dun Ele­men­ta­ry school the at­ten­dees with ge­nuine open­ness and an ex­ci­ted at­ti­tude. She be­gan community din­ners and teen co­oking work­shops at the Mis­sion in April, 2016.

« I be­lieve that there are small things we can all do in our kit­chens to re­duce waste. Near­ly all cut­tings like car­rot stalks and stems, ce­le­ry bases, onion peels, all these things can be thrown in wa­ter to make a bouilla­baisse. And that’s just a ba­sic thing to do. »


The work­shop was the idea of two or­ga­ni­za­tions that pro­mote sus­tai­nable li­fe­styles. It was de­ve­lo­ped by Un plant de to­mate à la fois, a community-ba­sed or­ga­ni­za­tion that fo­cuses on im­pro­ving lo­cal ac­cess to fresh pro­duce, who were sup­por­ted by the Mai­son de l’en­vi­ron­ne­ment de Ver­dun, who have hel­ped people learn about good waste ma­na­ge­ment and en­vi­ron­men­tal prac­tices since 2008 through awa­re­ness cam­pai­gns, ac­ti­vi­ties, and more .

Ver­dun mo­ther and at­ten­dee Jes­si­ca Mo­rales has im­ple­men­ted a Ze­ro Waste lifestyle in her home. «We star­ted gra­dual­ly with cloth dia­pers for our ba­by. Then we star­ted to buy loose veg­gies and fruits. Bulk Barn then star­ted to al­low cus­to­mers to bring their own contai­ners. Wi­thin a couple of months we found it quite ea­sy. »

She cre­dits the Mai­son de l’en­vi­ron­ne­ment de Ver­dun with of­fe­ring the sup­port and ad­vice she nee­ded to make the change and she of­ten comes to the mis­sion work­shops to pick up more tips and tricks. To vo­loun­teer or at­tend community din­ners email:sou­th­wes­tu­ni­ted@gmail.com or call 514 768-6231

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Chef Pion pre­pares to teach par­ti­ci­pants how to make bouillon from cut­tings and peels.

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