Im­pai­red boa­ting costs dri­ver’s li­cence

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The OPP ma­rine pa­trol was doing a rou­tine sa­fe­ty check on a pon­toon boat out on the Ot­ta­wa Ri­ver. In the end, the per­son in charge of the pon­toon boat en­ded up ha­ving his dri­ver’s li­cence sus­pen­ded for being im­pai­red while in charge of the boat.

Fran­cis Gré­goire, 55, of The Na­tion Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty, had his dri­ver’s li­cence sus­pen­ded on the spot for 90 days and now has to at­tend pro­vin­cial court in L’Ori­gnal on Aug. 3, to face charges un­der both the Cri­mi­nal Code and the Ca­na­da Ship­ping Act. The charges re­sul­ted from an in­ci­dent on the eve­ning of Ju­ly 14, when an OPP ma­rine pa­trol stop­ped Gré­goire’s pon­toon boat while doing sa­fe­ty ins­pec­tion checks and boa­ting do­cu­ment re­views along the Ot­ta­wa Ri­ver near Cham­plain Town­ship.

The of­fi­cer sus­pec­ted, af­ter tal­king with Gré­goire, that the lat­ter might be ope­ra­ting his boat while his blood-al­co­hol le­vels ex­cee­ded 80 mil­li­grams. Gré­goire was then ar­res­ted and char­ged un­der the Cri­mi­nal Code with ope­ra­ting a ves­sel while his bloo­dal­co­hol le­vels ex­cee­ded 80 mil­li­grams, and al­so char­ged, un­der the Ca­na­da Ship­ping Act sec­tion dea­ling with small ves­sels, with ope­ra­ting a non-hu­man-po­we­red plea­sure craft wi­thout pres­cri­bed ves­sel sa­fe­ty equip­ment on board.

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