Heat: re­si­dents ur­ged to take pre­cau­tions

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Les or­ga­ni­sa­teurs du Fes­ti­val de la Curd, qui au­ra lieu du 17 au 21 août 2016, sont tou­jours à la re­cherche de bé­né­voles pour oc­cu­per di­verses fonc­tions, qu’il s’agisse du mon­tage et dé­mon­tage du site, la billet­te­rie, les com­mu­ni­ca­tions, etc. Le Fes­ti­val de la Curd re­pose en­tiè­re­ment sur l’en­ga­ge­ment bé­né­vole des em­ployés de la fro­ma­ge­rie et de la com­mu­nau­té de SaintAl­bert. Il y a des tâches pour tous les âges et tous les goûts, ain­si que plu­sieurs avan­tages à don­ner son temps en tant que bé­né­vole. Chaque bé­né­vole re­çoit une passe de spec­tacle après cinq heures de bé­né­vo­lat et un pas­se­port pour le fes­ti­val après 15 heures. De plus, cha­cun re­ce­vra un chan­dail du Fes­ti­val. Il est im­por­tant de no­ter que l’âge mi­ni­mum pour être bé­né­vole est de 13 ans, et 16 ans pour la billet­te­rie. Les bé­né­voles de­vront aus­si par­ti­ci­per à une ou plu­sieurs ses­sions d’in­for­ma­tion, tout dé­pen­dant de la fonc­tion oc­cu­pée. Pour de plus amples ren­sei­gne­ments, veuillez com­mu­ni­quer avec Joan­nie au joan­nie@si­mon­cic.ca ou au 613321-0102, poste 232.

The Eas­tern On­ta­rio Health Unit has is­sued a heat war­ning and is ad­vi­sing re­si­dents of the five Eas­tern Coun­ties to take steps to prevent heat-re­la­ted ill­nesses.

Eve­ryone is at risk du­ring a heat event, but health risks are grea­ter for: ol­der adults, in­fants and young chil­dren, people with chro­nic ill­nesses, people who work in the heat, people who exer­cise in the heat, ho­me­less people and low-in­come ear­ners.

Heat ill­nesses are pre­ven­table. Tips to re­duce the risk of a heat ill­ness in­clude, among other things, drin­king plen­ty of co­ol li­quids, es­pe­cial­ly wa­ter, res­che­du­ling out­door ac­ti­vi­ties du­ring co­oler parts of the day, wa­ring loose-fit­ting, light-co­lou­red clo­thing, avoi­ding meals that must be co­oked in the over.

Heat ill­nesses in­clude heat stroke, heat ex­haus­tion, heat fain­ting, heat ede­ma (swel­ling of hands, feet and ankles), heat rash and heat cramps (muscle cramps). Watch for symp­toms of heat ill­ness, which in­clude: diz­zi­ness or fain­ting, nau­sea or vo­mi­ting, hea­dache, ra­pid brea­thing and heart­beat, ex­treme thirst, and de­crea­sed uri­na­tion with unu­sual­ly dark yel­low urine. If you ex­pe­rience any of these symp­toms du­ring ex­treme heat, im­me­dia­te­ly move to a co­ol place and drink li­quids. Wa­ter is best.

Heat stroke is a me­di­cal emer­gen­cy. Should re­si­dents en­coun­ter so­meone who has a high bo­dy tem­pe­ra­ture and is ei­ther un­cons­cious, confu­sed or has stop­ped swea­ting, they should call 911. While wai­ting for help, they should co­ol the per­son right away by mo­ving them to a co­ol place if pos­sible, ap­plying cold wa­ter to large areas of the skin or clo­thing, and fan­ning the per­son as much as pos­sible.

The Eas­tern On­ta­rio Health Unit urges eve­ryone to stay alert and take pre­cau­tions. Re­mem­ber to fre­quent­ly vi­sit neigh­bours, friends and ol­der fa­mi­ly mem­bers, es­pe­cial­ly those who are chro­ni­cal­ly ill, to make sure that they are co­ol and hy­dra­ted.

For more in­for­ma­tion, www.eo­hu.ca or Health Line at 613-933-1375 or 1 800 2677120

Tips to re­duce the risk of a heat ill­ness in­clude, among other things, drin­king plen­ty of co­ol li­quids, es­pe­cial­ly wa­ter.

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