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It’s cheap. It’s ea­sy. It’s good exer­cise for all kinds of wea­ther, in­doors or out­side. Wal­king has the stamp of ap­pro­val from anyone in­vol­ved in health me­di­cine.

The Eas­tern On­ta­rio Health Unit (EO­HU) is trying to pro­mote wal­king as the “go to/ uni­ver­sal/anyone can do it” exer­cise for re­si­dents in Eas­tern On­ta­rio. Th­rough its own web­site, the EO­HU is even chal­len­ging people to get out and walk more or at least walk whe­ne­ver they have a chance.

“The Ca­na­dian Phy­si­cal Ac­ti­vi­ty Gui­de­lines state that adults and ol­der adults should strive to ac­cu­mu­late at least 150 mi­nutes of mo­de­rate to vi­go­rous phy­si­cal ac­ti­vi­ty throu­ghout the week,” states the EO­HU pro­mo on wal­king. “The Wal­king… what a fee­ling! Gui­de­book helps adults to achieve the gui­de­lines and en­cou­rages a way of life that va­lues phy­si­cal ac­ti­vi­ty and makes it a na­tu­ral part of your day.”

The EO­HU has a down­load link for a PDF co­py of the pro­mo­tio­nal book, which in­cludes simple stret­ching exer­cises for war­mups, prior to the start of a wal­king exer­cise pro­gram. The health unit notes that re­gu­lar wal­king helps streng­then the heart and makes that muscle more ef­fi­cient at pum­ping blood throu­ghout the bo­dy, thus re­du­cing the risk of heart di­sease.

Wal­king on a re­gu­lar ba­sis al­so helps streng­then the leg bones and, with a pro­per diet of cal­cium th­rough drin­king milk or ea­ting foods high in cal­cium, re­duces the chance of os­teo­po­ro­sis, a condi­tion where the bones of the bo­dy be­come fra­gile with in­crea­sed risk of brea­king.

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