School’s in ses­sion, so slow down says OPP


With the La­bour Day long wee­kend now over, both the French and En­glish schools in the re­gion are now all open for bu­si­ness. Po­lice urge dri­vers to make sure they obey the pos­ted speed li­mits wi­thin school zones.

Last month’s fa­tal ac­ci­dent in the Ci­ty of Ot­ta­wa, in­vol­ving a cy­clist who was struck and killed by a large truck, has high­ligh­ted the spe­cial risk po­sed for both cy­clists and pe­des­trians when dea­ling with traf­fic. Po­lice are as­king dri­vers to take spe­cial care when going through a school zone, to watch for stu­dents who may be going to and from school on foot or on a bike ra­ther than ta­king a school bus or get­ting a lift from a pa­rent.

Pa­rents of school chil­dren are al­so ur­ged to make sure their chil­dren know the rules of the road if they are on foot or on a bike, and that all stu­dents cy­cling to school wear a pro­per sa­fe­ty hel­met. Pe­des­trian traf­fic stays on the side of the road fa­cing on­co­ming ve­hicle traf­fic. Cy­clists are sup­po­sed to fol­low the same lane as ve­hicle traf­fic and keep to the right-of-way whe­ne­ver pos­sible. All bi­cycles should have a rear­view mir­ror at­ta­ched to al­low a cy­clist to check for traf­fic be­hind, other­wise cy­clists should look be­hind them on a re­gu­lar ba­sis to check for cars and trucks co­ming up from be­hind.

Cy­clists tra­vel­ling in pairs or in groups must go in single-file for­ma­tion, not bun­ched up to­ge­ther and sprea­ding out in­to the traf­fic lane. Some dri­vers may not slow down fast en­ough to be able to swerve aside in such a si­tua­tion. Al­so, cy­clists should not have ear pods on to lis­ten to mu­sic while they ride, as this may prevent them from hea­ring any traf­fic co­ming up from be­hind.

Mo­to­rists are al­so re­min­ded to slow down and stop when they see a school bus .

with fla­shing lights. Wait un­til stu­dents have got­ten on or off the bus and the bus has star­ted mo­ving it­self be­fore re­su­ming tra­vel.

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