Walk like a zom­bie!

Va­lé­rie La­dou­ceur, Isa­belle MacIn­tosh, La­ris­sa De­quim­per, and Mé­la­nie Bar­low tried to re­cruit other zom­bies at the 2017 edi­tion of the Rus­sell Zom­bie Walk.

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Zom­bies don’t care if it’s rai­ning when they go wal­king. Though a few zom­bies were spot­ted car­rying um­brel­las as they wan­de­red around the Village of Rus­sell over the Hal­lo­ween wee­kend.

The Rus­sell Op­ti­mist Club hos­ted its Third An­nual Rus­sell Zom­bie Walk on Oct. 29. While the Saturday af­ter­noon wea­ther be­gan drea­ry, then tur­ned drizz­ly, there were at least a couple do­zen har­dy would-be zom­bies of all ages rea­dy and ra­ring to go sham­bling off from the Rus­sell Sports and Youth Centre.

“The whole point is for fun,” said La­ris­sa De­quim­per, Op­ti­mist Club pre­sident, “and to al­so col­lect can­ned goods for the food bank.”

Va­lé­rie La­dou­ceur, a pro­fes­sio­nal dance tea­cher from Or­leans, and willing vo­lun­teer ad­vi­sor for the Zom­bie Walk, ap­pea­red in her un­dead at­tire, rea­dy to show eve­ryone how to walk and dance like a zom­bie.

“They’re a bit stiff, from all those years in the gra­veyards,” La­dou­ceur said, smi­ling about how well zom­bies dance. “It’s all about ha­ving fun. That’s the key.”

Zom­bie walks have be­come a po­pu­lar re­crea­tion event for Hal­lo­ween and at other times of the year in ma­ny com­mu­ni­ties around the world. Most Zom­bie walks al­so

—pho­to Gregg Chamberlain

Fa­ce­paint ar­tist Sa­rah Le­gault works on Ch­loé La­vigne’s zom­bie ma­keup while Ash­ley Bour­gui­gnon waits her turn.

—pho­to Gregg Chamberlain

Les bonnes amies ne se laissent pas de­ve­nir zom­bies seules se­lon Isa­belle MacIn­tosh (gauche) et La­ris­sa De­quim­per(droite).

pho­to Gregg Chamberlain

Mé­la­nie Bar­low (left) and Ch­loe MacIn­tosh prove that even zom­bies love uni­corns.

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