Coun­ter­feit cash crop­ping up this sum­mer


It’s not the kind of news anyone wants to hear but it is im­por­tant that eve­ryone knows about it. OPP have is­sued a war­ning about a “shot­gun ap­proach” coun­ter­fei­ters are ta­king this sea­son to their bo­gus bill bu­si­ness.

The OPP Anti-Ra­ckets Branch have pos­ted an email alert to me­dia about more than 80 re­ports, re­cei­ved so far this year from just the wes­tern region of the pro­vince, about coun­ter­feit cur­ren­cy en­ding up in bu­si­ness cash re­gis­ters or han­ded in at bank tel­ler de­po­sit coun­ters.

The si­tua­tion is unu­sual be­cause coun­ter­fei­ters are just li­mi­ting them­selves to pho­ny ver­sions of high-va­lue Ca­na­dian and Ame­ri­can cur­ren­cy, they are going with a “shot­gun ap­proach” and pas­sing around fake mo­ney in five-dol­lar to 100-dol­lar de­no­mi­na­tions.

The OPP and the RCMP are wor­king to­ge­ther with the Bank of Ca­na­da on a pu­blic awa­re­ness and edu­ca­tion cam­pai­gn about coun­ter­feit cur­ren­cy. The RCMP’s own sta­tis­tics on coun­ter­feit bill cases for last year in­di­ca­ted more than 20 per cent of bo­gus bills sho­wing up in Ca­na­da end up pas­sed in On­ta­rio.

“Coun­ter­feit de­ter­rence re­quires a team ap­proach from all part­ners, in­clu­ding law en­for­ce­ment agen­cies, the Bank of Ca­na­da, re­tai­lers, and the pu­blic wor­king to­ge­ther,” sta­ted Chief Su­pe­rin­tendent John Tod, OPP In­ves­ti­ga­tion and Sup­port Bu­reau. “If you come across pho­ny mo­ney, contact your lo­cal po­lice ser­vice.”

Bu­si­ness ow­ners are ad­vi­sed to have their staff be ex­tra ca­re­ful du­ring “rush hour” per­iods, be­cause that is when most coun­ter­fei­ters will try to pass off their bo­gus bills.

Staff should be alert al­so when a cus­to­mer tries to use a much lar­ger de­no­mi­na­tion bill than is ne­ces­sa­ry to pay for an item or or­der.

If a coun­ter­feit bill is sus­pec­ted, contact po­lice right away. Get a re­ceipt for the bill for la­ter re­turn if it proves to be ge­nuine.

Contact po­lice or a lo­cal bank branch or go on­line to the Bank of Ca­na­da web­site for in­for­ma­tion on how to spot coun­ter­feit cur­ren­cy.

Present Ca­na­dian cur­ren­cy se­cu­ri­ty mea­sures, which use high-tech hid­den mar­kers and a plas­ti­ci­zed pa­per, make it al­most im­pos­sible to create a fake that can pass a close phy­si­cal exa­mi­na­tion.

—pho­to d’ar­chives

De faux-mon­nayeurs cherchent à écou­ler une grande va­rié­té de mon­naies ca­na­diennes et amé­ri­caines en On­ta­rio cet été, al­lant des billets de cinq à 100 dol­lars. On conseille aux ré­si­dents et aux en­tre­prises lo­cales de consul­ter la po­lice ou les banques...

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