Man Wan­ted


Po­lice and fe­de­ral pri­son of­fi­cials are as­king the pu­blic to be on the loo­kout for a man wan­ted for brea­ching his pa­role.

The Re­peat Of­fen­der Pa­role En­for­ce­ment Squad (ROPE) has is­sued an alert for 52-year-old Da­niel Pi­lon. He is wan­ted on a Ca­na­da-wide war­rant for breach of pa­role.

At the time of his pa­role vio­la­tion, Pi­lon was on a long-term su­per­vi­sion or­der af­ter com­ple­ting a five-year sen­tence for rob­be­ry, over­co­ming a per­son’s re­sis­tance by trying to choke them, and for­cible confi­ne­ment. He is known to frequent the Ot­ta­wa area.

Pi­lon is Cau­ca­sian, stands six-foot­three or 191 cen­ti­metres, and weighs 282 pounds or 128 ki­lo­grams. He wears glasses so­me­times and has tat­toos on his en­tire left and right arms.

Anyone who sees Pi­lon, has contact with him, or knows where he might be is ad­vi­sed to avoid confron­ting him. Call the ROPE Squad, toll-free, at 1-866-8707673, the Cri­meS­top­pers confi­den­tial tips line at 1-800-222-8477, or 911.

—pho­to four­nie

Les po­li­ciers et les au­to­ri­tés pé­ni­ten­tiaires fé­dé­rales de­mandent au pu­blic d’être à l’af­fût de Da­niel Pi­lon, qui est re­cher­ché après avoir vio­lé sa li­bé­ra­tion condi­tion­nelle.

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