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Ju­lie Bris­son, pre­sident of the Pres­cott-Rus­sell Cham­ber of Com­merce, congra­tu­lates one of its newest members, So­nya So­hi, ow­ner/ope­ra­tor of Le Pa­villon in Em­brun. “Le Pa­villon is a 70-bed re­ti­re­ment re­si­dence nest­led in the char­ming small town of Em­brun, ba­cking on to the beau­ti­ful and pic­tu­resque Cas­tor Ri­ver”, said Ms. So­hi. “A single sto­rey com­mu­ni­ty that al­lows our re­si­dents to en­joy all as­pects of in­de­pendent se­niors li­ving with a full range of dai­ly ac­ti­vi­ties, home-made meals and care ser­vices at your fin­ger­tips, if and when you need them! It’s “Your Home, Your Way”. Each and eve­ry day, our de­di­ca­ted staff, with ser­ving hearts, strive to bring new ex­pe­riences to our re­si­dents, en­ri­ching their lives fur­ther. Foun­der and Pre­sident of Peach­tree Se­nior Li­ving, So­nya So­hi, al­so ow­ner/ope­ra­tor of Le Pa­villon and Ma­ple­view Re­ti­re­ment Re­si­dence, has been en­ri­ching the lives of se­niors since 2002. It was her cal­ling from the ve­ry be­gin­ning, to en­rich the lives of all se­niors with her ser­ving heart. This has be­come the gui­ding prin­ciple for all staff in eve­ry in­ter­ac­tion with their re­si­dents, each and eve­ry day.”

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