911 mis­take calls

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Rus­sell Coun­ty OPP re­port 44 “po­cket dial” ac­ci­den­tal 911 calls re­cei­ved since Sept. 25 this year. To avoid such ac­ci­den­tal calls, cell­phone ow­ners can use the key­pad lock pro­gram­ming fea­ture of their phone to “lock up” the key­pad when the phone is not in use. The key­pad reac­ti­vates or “un­locks” when the ow­ner presses the pass­word on the pad. Al­so, check if the cell­phone has an “off switch” mode for the 911 auto-dial fea­ture. Po­lice al­so re­com­mend not put­ting 911 on a phone’s speed dial se­tup. If an ac­ci­den­tal 911 call hap­pens, po­lice ask cell­phone ow­ners to stay on the line and ex­plain to the dis­pat­cher that the call was unin­ten­tio­nal. When a 911 cal­ler hangs up wi­thout re­spon­ding to the dis­pat­cher, it is as­su­med that the cal­ler may be in trouble and the 911 dis­patch sys­tem tries to track the ori­gin of the call and then no­ti­fies po­lice.– Gregg Cham­ber­lain

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