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It is bu­si­ness as usual at Levac Pro­pane in Saint-Isi­dore, af­ter a fire des­troyed part of one of the two main buil­dings last week.

“All the (sup­ply) trucks are still on the road,” said Jean-Marc Levac, com­pa­ny president, du­ring a phone in­ter­view, March 8. “It’s bu­si­ness as usual.”

Two days ear­lier, fi­re­figh­ters from The Na­tion and Cas­sel­man sta­tions re­spon­ded to a call about a fire in­side one of the buil­dings in the Levac Pro­pane yard. They had the fire un­der control af­ter a couple of hours but kept the site un­der watch through the night be­fore de­cla­ring the si­tua­tion safe.

Chief To­bias HO­vey of The Na­tion Mu­ni­ci­pal Fire De­part­ment confir­med the fire’s ori­gin in the buil­ding’s at­tic. The site is too da­ma­ged to say for cer­tain what the cause was, though it may have been elec­tri­cal in na­ture and is dee­med an ac­ci­den­tal in­ci­dent.

Re­buil­ding plans

The March 7 fire was in one of the main work­shop buil­dings where re­cy­cling and re­filling of 20-pound pro­pane tanks is done. Levac had a March 9 mee­ting sche­du­led with the mu­ni­ci­pal buil­ding ins­pec­tor and an of­fi­cial from the com­pa­ny’s in­su­rance agent.

Levac hopes to be able to sal­vage the re­mai­ning struc­ture for re­buil­ding. He ex­pects to have the se­cond work­shop res­to­red wi­thin a month or two, de­pen­ding on re­sults of the buil­ding ins­pec­tion.

“I think we can save a good part of the buil­ding,” he in­for­med. “If I can use the (ori­gi­nal) four walls, re­buil­ding will be fas­ter.”

Meanw­hile, com­pa­ny ope­ra­tions will conti­nue out of the other buil­ding on the site. The fire da­mage does not in­ter­fere with the com­pa­ny’s pro­pane de­li­ve­ry ser­vice from its bulk plant and the com­pa­ny may even need to look at ad­ding to its cur­rent 80-plus staff. "We might need to do some double shifts,” Levac ad­ded.

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