3 Wing take part to Vi­gi­lant Shield exer­cise

Le Vortex de Bagotville - - NEWS -

Ap­proxi­ma­te­ly six­ty mem­bers from 3 Wing par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the 2017 edition of Exer­cise Vi­gi­lant Shield, an ex­ten­sive NORAD trai­ning cam­pai­gn that took place from Oc­to­ber 17th to the 21st.

Du­ring the exer­cise, forces in sup­port of NORAD were de­ployed and conduc­ted op- era­tions to as­sert air so­ve­rei­gn­ty in the Far North and the High Arc­tic, in or­der to de­mons­trate their abi­li­ty to de­tect, iden­ti­fy and react to pos­sible threats in some of the most re­mote parts of the world. The Com­man­der of 3 Wing/ CFB Ba­got­ville, Co­lo­nel Dar­cy Mol­stad, com­man­ded one of three ex­pe­di­tio­na­ry squa­drons in­vol­ved in the exer­cise. Ove­rall, Ex Vi­gi­lant Shield was a suc­cess and confir­med the ex­cellent co­ope­ra­tion bet­ween the va­rious ele­ments in­vol­ved in the mis­sion of pro­tec­ting North Ame­ri­can ter­ri­to­ry.

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