New co­lors for two CF- 18

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In recent weeks, two CF- 18s from Ba­got­ville re­cei­ved brand new paint jobs, thanks to the work of 3 Air Main­te­nance Squa­dron.

The first paint job was done in Sep­tem­ber, with the jet pain­ted in 425 Squa­dron co­lors to mark the up­co­ming 75th an­ni­ver­sa­ry of the Alouettes in 2017. The se­cond jet was pain­ted to mark the reac­ti­va­tion of 433 Squa­dron. On the tail of the air­craft is the image of a por­cu­pine, the em­blem of the squa­dron, and their mot­to "Qui s’y frotte, s’y pique". The com­ple­tion of these two pro­jects was a chal­lenge but eve­ry­thing hap­pe­ned ve­ry qui­ck­ly. The ap­pro­vals were ob­tai­ned in less than a week, fol­lo­wing which staff were de­ployed to CFB Tren­ton. The shop su­per­vi­sor said he was par­ti­cu­lar­ly proud of his team, which consis­ted of Cpl Guy Lan­teigne, Cpl Je­rome St- Jacques, Cpl Jo­na­than Vé­zi­na and Avr Sa­muel Pa­ra­dis.

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