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Avia­tor Mé­lo­die Drouin made his­to­ry at Ba­got­ville’s 10 Field Tech­ni­cal Trai­ning Squa­dron ( 10 FTTS) De­tach­ment on Oc­to­ber 20th.

She be­came the first wo­man to re­ceive the First in Class Cer­ti­fi­cate, which is awar­ded at the end of wea­pons tech­ni­cian trai­ning. This ho­nour is awar­ded to the student who re­ceives the best re­sults on his/ her fi­nal eva­lua­tion. "Avia­tor Drouin dis­tin­gui­shed her­self by her aca­de­mic achie­ve­ments, but al­so by her lea­der­ship skills, her com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills and her sense of ini­tia­tive. We are ve­ry plea­sed to have been able to contri­bute to her trai­ning; she has ear­ned these ho­nors," said Cap­tain Pierre Mal­tais, com­man­der of 10 FTTS, Ba­got­ville De­tach­ment. The CF- 18 wea­pons tech­ni­cian course has been held in Ba­got­ville since 2008 and the num­ber of wo­men en­rol­led re­mains re­la­ti­ve­ly low. In fact, ba­re­ly one in ten can­di­dates is a wo­man, with a si­mi­lar rate at the trai­ning centre in Cold Lake. Fol­lo­wing her gra­dua­tion, Avia­tor Mé­lo­die Drouin was as­si­gned to 433 Squa­dron to be­gin her ca­reer, which al­rea­dy ap­pears quite pro­mi­sing.

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