A few days left to do­nate

Le Vortex de Bagotville - - NOUVELLES -

The fun­drai­sing cam­pai­gn for the CFB Ba­got­ville Cha­ri­ty Fund is coming to an end for the 2016 sea­son. There are just a few ac­ti­vi­ties that re­main be­fore the end of the cam­pai­gn.

At press time, se­ve­ral mem­bers of the base staff were be­hind bars, thanks to the do­na­tions of their co­wor­kers. The vo­lun­ta­ry im­pri­son­ment ac­ti­vi­ty is pro­ving to be a great suc­cess. There is al­so the traditional par­king spot auc­tion that will al­low those who place the hi­ghest bid to use the best par­king spaces from Ja­nua­ry 15th to February 15th, 2017. Loo­king back over the past few weeks, the spa­ghet­ti lunch on No­vem­ber 9th rai­sed $ 2,866. There was al­so the 4vs4 ho­ckey tour­na­ment, which took place from No­vem­ber 16th to the 18th at the base are­na. The ten teams di­vi­ded in­to two groups ac­cor­ding to their skill le­vel and com­pe­ted to raise $ 1,150. The SOFTS team, com­po­sed of players from se­ve­ral units, won the Group A fi­nals, while the Air Con­trol team won the Group B fi­nals. Fi­nal­ly, the PC clean- up cli­nic, or­ga­ni­zed by WTIS, ad­ded $ 225 to the cam­pai­gn's to­tal. There is still time to be ge­ne­rous and to contri­bute to the base’s fun­drai­sing cam­pai­gn.

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