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A small group of Bagotville mi­li­ta­ry mem­bers are ho­ping to take ad­van­tage of the ar­tis­tic talents of com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers to raise mo­ney for the Bagotville Cha­ri­ty Fund.

Cap­tain Anne Mor­ris­sette, Cap­tain Gé­rald Mo­ris­sette and Cap­tain Jean- Mi­chel Ma­ne­no have or­ga­ni­zed a ga­la eve­ning at the end of April. The theme is ' The Forces Have Ta­lent'.

"The idea came to us at a mee­ting bet­ween the th­ree of us. We en­ded up tal­king about mem­bers who have hid­den talents and how it would be nice for them to have an op­por­tu­ni­ty to show off their skills to the com­mu­ni­ty,” says Cap­tain Ma­ne­no.

So the th­ree mus­ke­teers de­ci­ded to put on a va­rie­ty show using lo­cal ta­lent.

If you’ve got ta­lent and would like to join this pro­ject or get more de­tails, contact Cap­tain Ma­ne­no at ex­ten­sion 4354 be­fore Ja­nua­ry 27th.

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