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With Ja­nua­ry comes New Year's Re­so­lu­tions. Ea­ting well, lo­sing weight and get­ting more phy­si­cal ac­ti­vi­ty are al­ways the most po­pu­lar.

Mem­bers of Bagotville's mi­li­ta­ry com­mu­ni­ty are no ex­cep­tion to this tra­di­tion. The first days of Ja­nua­ry al­ways mark the hi­ghest mem­ber at­ten­dance at the re­crea­tion fa­ci­li­ties on base.

"Un­for­tu­na­te­ly, people who start co­ming to the gym in Ja­nua­ry of­ten fall back in­to their old ha­bits a few months la­ter," says Clau­die Des­co­teaux, phy­si­cal fit­ness co­or­di­na­tor for the PSP team in Bagotville.

The fit­ness spe­cia­list does not be­lieve in re­so­lu­tions. Ac­cor­ding to her, whole li­fe­style changes need to be made in or­der to see long term re­sults.

To make such a change, you should fol­low th­ree ba­sic steps. First, you must have a po­si­tive at­ti­tude. The se­cond step is to es­ta­blish a sche­dule that you can main­tain long term. Fi­nal­ly, it is es- sen­tial that you set rea­lis­tic goals. Clau­die Des­co­teaux al­so sug­gests di­vi­ding your goals in­to sub- goals.

In ad­di­tion to the sup­port of PSP pro­fes­sio­nals, mi­li­ta­ry mem­bers can al­so count on the sup­port of their chain of com­mand. Con­si­der the example of the 3 AMS com­man­der, LCol Ch­ris­tian Cor­neau, who laun­ched “Sports Wed­nes­days” for his squa­dron on No­vem­ber 9th.

Come on! It's time to get star­ted ... Hap­py New Year!

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