An ef­fec­tive and co­or­di­na­ted res­ponse to the threat

Le Vortex de Bagotville - - NEWS -

A few days be­fore the end of the year, the 23 Mi­li­ta­ry Police Flight in Bagotville held an im­por­tant exer­cise cal­led “Ac­tive Shoo­ter.” "The pur­pose of this exer­cise was to test our abi­li­ty and our reac­tion time to a ter­ro­rist at­tack," said Bagotville chief of mi­li­ta­ry police Capt Adrien Cô­té. A few days be­fore the big si­mu­la­tion, the va­rious par­ti­ci­pants re­cei­ved in­for­ma­tion that a si­mu­la­ted ter­ro­rist group was pre­pa­ring so­me­thing in Que­bec and la­ter in Bagotville. On De­cem­ber 6th, two ar­med in­di­vi­duals laun­ched their at­tack in the 2 Wing head­quar­ters buil­ding. At the same time, mem­bers of the Sa­gue­nay police force and the Sû­re­té du Qué­bec were ta­king part in the same type of exer­cise at the Sa­gue­nay ter­mi­nal, where a shoo­ter had ta­ken some people hos­tage. It is the first time an exer­cise of this ma­gni­tude has ta­ken place in Bagotville and, ac­cor­ding to Cap­tain Cô­té, it cer­tain­ly will not be the last. One of the main concerns prior to the exer­cise was the abi­li­ty of the va­rious ser­vices to share in­for­ma­tion in real time but eve­ry­thing went ve­ry well du­ring the exer­cise. In all, near­ly fif­ty people, both mi­li­ta­ry and ci­vi­lian, took part in the exer­cise.

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