Best Mis­sion Com­man­der at Red Flag

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Cap­tain Brian Coyle, a 425 ETAC pi­lot cur­rent­ly in ex­change in the Ne­ther­lands, re­cent­ly dis­tin­gui­shed him­self as the ' Best Ove­rall Mis­sion Com­man­der. in the se­cond ins­tallment of Exer­cise Red Flag 2017. This two- week trai­ning takes place eve­ry year at the Ame­ri­can base in Nel­lis, near Las Ve­gas, Ne­va­da, and brought to­ge­ther thou­sands of sol­diers from all trades. Red Flag is an op­por­tu­ni­ty for re­pre­sen­ta­tives of ma­ny al­lied coun- tries to train to­ge­ther in very rea­lis­tic sce­na­rios in­vol­ving avia­tion in all sorts of mis­sions. "The mis­sion I had to pre­pare for was to find and neu­tra­lize Scud mis­siles in ene­my ter­rain," Cap­tain Coyle said in an in­ter­view with the Vor­tex. "It was a ra­ther com­plex mis­sion. The key is pro­per pre­pa­ra­tion and com­mu­ni­ca­tion with the dif­ferent spe­cia­lists. Eve­ryone did a great job and I could not have as­ked for a bet­ter team," adds Cap­tain Coyle. The com­man­der of 3 Wing and CFB Ba­got­ville, Co­lo­nel Dar­cy Mol­stad, al­so per­so­nal­ly congra­tu­la­ted Cap­tain Coyle. "Con­gra­tu­la­tions on win­ning the title of the ' Best Ove­rall Mis­sion Com­man­der' at Red Flag. It's a fantastic ac­com­plish­ment and re­cog­ni­tion of your de­di­ca­tion, pro­fes­sio­na­lism and ta­lent, "Co­lo­nel Mol­stad wrote in an e- mail to the win­ner. Cap­tain Coyle is now back in the Ne­ther­lands where he is pos­ted un­til 2018.

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