439 Sqn Tas­ked for Me­de­vac

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Wed­nes­day, April the 5th 439 Sqn re­cei­ved a call from Joint Res­cue Co­or­di­na­tion Cen­ter in Tren­ton tas­king them to pro­vide a crew in or­der to eva­cuate a cri­ti­cal­ly ill pa­tient 120 NM from Ro­ber­val. The pa­tient re­qui­red hi­gher care than was not avai­lable at their lo­ca­tion and their condi­tion was ra­pid­ly de­te­rio­ra­ting. The crew was air­borne and en­route to the pa­tient wi­thin 20 mi­nutes of re­cei­ving the tas­king and was im­me­dia­te­ly fa­ced with chal­len­ging wea­ther condi­tions. Des­pite the wea­ther, the crew ar­ri­ved on scene less than 90 mi­nutes la­ter and the SAR Tech im­me­dia­te­ly went to work pre­pa­ring the pa­tient for trans­fer. The mis­sion mar­ked the first res­cue for two mem­bers of the crew, Cpl Se­bas­tian Du­rand ( Flight En­gi­neer) and Capt Ch­ris Gal­lin­ger ( Pi­lot). Thanks to the pro­fes­sio­na­lism and team­work cer­tain­ly sa­ved the pa­tient life.

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