Ground­wa­ter un­der sur­veillance

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In June, Ba­got­ville En­vi­ron­men­tal Bu­reau ( BEB) be­gan its an­nual ground­wa­ter sam­pling cam­pai­gn. Two hun­dred and fif­ty- two wells were dug on the base and 152 will be sam­pled this sum­mer. These sur­veys have been conduc­ted once or twice a year in the spring and / or fall since 1992. Once the sam­pling is com­ple­ted, the filled bot­tles are trans­por­ted to an ex­ter­nal la­bo­ra­to­ry for ana­ly­sis. How the sample will be ana­ly­zed is de­ter­mi­ned by what pol­lu­tants are po­ten­tial­ly present in the area. De­pen­ding on past or cur- rent ac­ti­vi­ties in each sec­tor, the ana­lyzes may in­volve dif­ferent che­mi­cals that are sus­pec­ted of being present. Du­ring the va­rious sam­pling cam­pai­gns, the ana­lyzes car­ried out made it pos­sible to im­prove the pro­ce­dures for using cer­tain pro­ducts on the base. For example, the use of urea was eli­mi­na­ted on the run­ways du­ring the 1990s to pro­tect the wa­ter table from con­ta­mi­na­tion. If conta­mi­nants are de­tec­ted, mea­sures will be ta­ken to cor­rect the si­tua­tion by fil­te­ring wa­ter using dif­ferent ma­te­rials, such as ac­ti­va­ted car­bon fil­tra­tion.

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