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Eve­ry year when you start the fun­drai­sing cam­pai­gn for the Base Cha­ri­ty Fund, ma­ny people are won­de­ring how this fund works and where the mo­ney goes. The CFB Ba­got­ville Cha­ri­ty Fund, foun­ded in 1966, is se­pa­rate from the Base Fund. It has its own board of di­rec­tors that as­sesses grant ap­pli­ca­tions ba­sed on well- es­ta­bli­shed cri­te­ria. To re­ceive mo­ney from the Cha­ri­ty Fund, ap­pli­cant or­ga­ni­za­tions must be for­mal­ly re­gis­te­red as a cha­ri­table or­ga­ni­za­tion. They must al­so be ac­ces­sible to the com­mu­ni­ty of Ba­got­ville. Amounts are al­so re­gu­lar­ly used for di­rect as­sis­tance to mem­bers of the com­mu­ni­ty in need. A sick child re­ques­ting care out­side the re­gion, a fa­mi­ly that has lost eve­ry­thing in a di­sas­ter could re­ceive help from the Fund .

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