Ba­got­ville’s fi­re­figh­ters in rein­for­ce­ment

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On Au­gust 2nd, Ba­got­ville's 3 Wing Orange fi­re­figh­ters were dis­pat­ched to Chi­cou­ti­mi- Nord to as­sist Sa­gue­nay fi­re­figh­ters in a fo­rest fire oc­cur­ring on a rock face. As the fire was dif­fi­cult to ac­cess, it ex­cee­ded the fi­re­figh­ting ca­pa­bi­li­ties of the ci­ty of Sa­gue­nay so they cal­led the Ba­got­ville fi­re­figh­ters in as rein­for­ce­ment. The two or­ga­ni­za­tions have an agree­ment of mu­tual as- sis­tance bet­ween them­selves. The Me­mo­ran­dum of Un­ders­tan­ding, re­cent­ly up­da­ted bet­ween the ci­ty and the base, reads that the au­tho­ri­ties of ei­ther or­ga­ni­za­tion may call upon their res­pec­tive fire de­part­ments when the ope­ra­tion re­quires spe­cial equip­ment or the scope of the task com­mands it. As the fo­rest fire on Au­gust 2nd was lo­ca­ted in an area that re­qui­red spe­cial knowl- edge and equip­ment to reach the fire brush, the Ba­got­ville fi­re­figh­ters were cal­led to the scene. It is quite rare that the mu­tual as­sis­tance agree­ment bet­ween Sa­gue­nay and CFB Ba­got­ville is used. The pro­to­col, which was first si­gned in 2012, was re­vi­sed in the fall of 2016 to cla­ri­fy the terms of co­ope­ra­tion bet­ween the ci­ty and the base for figh­ting fires and in the event of a ma­jor ma­ri­time ac­ci­dent.

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