Ca­na­da’s contri­bu­tion to NATO en­han­ced Air Po­li­cing

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On Au­gust 31, 2017 Ca­na­da of­fi­cial­ly re­pla­ced the Uni­ted King­dom to conduct en­han­ced Air Po­li­cing along­side its Ro­ma­nian Al­lies to pre­serve the in­te­gri­ty of NATO coun­tries so­ve­rei­gn airs­pace. Ca­na­da’s 2 Air Ex­pe­di­tio­na­ry Wing in Ba­got­ville sent an “AFAST” to pre­pare for the arrival of Ope­ra­tion REASSURANCE’s Air Task Force ( ATF) Com­man­der, main bo­dy and CF- 188 Hor­net Air De­tach­ment from Cold Lake. On Au­gust 11, 33 mem­bers of the Air­field Ac­ti­va­tion Surge Team ( AFAST) de­par­ted Ca­na­dian Forces Base Ba­got­ville des­ti­ned for Ro­ma­nia. The task was to ac­ti­vate the Ca­na­dian camp at the Ro­ma­nian Air Forces’ 57th Air­base Mi­hail Ko­gal­ci­nea­nu Air­port for Air Task Force Ro­ma­nia ( ATFR) which would fol­low. The AFAST con­cept works well. Es­sen­tial­ly, a Com­mand Team leads an Ope­ra­tio­nal Sup­port Ele­ment, a Force Pro­tec­tion Ele­ment, and a Mis­sion Sup­port Ele­ment to surge for­ward and pre­pare the ground for the fol­low- on ATF Main Bo­dy which in­cludes the Air De­tach­ment. An AFAST is a team with air ex­pe­di­tio­na­ry skill sets fo­cu­sed on pre­pa­ring and en­abling air po­wer. Being part of this AFAST as part of the Ca­na­dian Ar­med Forces Ope­ra­tion REAS- SURANCE was a ve­ry ex­ci­ting mis­sion for the 2 Air Ex­pe­di­tio­na­ry Squa­dron mem­bers, 2 Wing units and the 409 Squa­dron Nigh­thawks. First on the ground al­ways pro­vides stea­dy chal­lenges and end­less op­por­tu­ni­ties for crea­tive so­lu­tions. Th­rough the di­li­gence of our mem­bers, their crea­tive so­lu­tions and the in­fec­tious po­si­ti­vi­ty, we were able to achieve ini­tial ope­ra­ting ca­pa­bi­li­ty with no de­lay, and I was proud of the team. When the CF‑188’ s ar­ri­ved, it was clear Royal Ca­na­dian Air Force Air Po­wer had ar­ri­ved. We were no lon­ger an AFAST – we were an ATF.

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