May : Month of phy­si­cal ac­ti­vi­ty

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This year again, se­ve­ral ac­ti­vi­ties have been pro­po­sed to pro­mote a heal­thy and ac­tive li­fe­style for the month of phy­si­cal ac­ti­vi­ty. 2018 Ba­got­ville Race

On May 18th, near­ly 410 par­ti­ci­pants from the CFB Ba­got­ville com­mu­ni­ty ga­the­red at the Com­mu­ni­ty Cen­ter to par­ti­ci­pate in one of two ac­ti­vi­ties or­ga­ni­zed by the Re­crea­tion Cen­ter's PSP team. The par­ti­ci­pants had the choice bet­ween wal­king or run­ning. Des­pite the cold wea­ther, the par­ti­ci­pants had a great at­ti­tude and the event was a suc­cess. 2 Wing Com­man­der, Co­lo­nel Luc Guillette and 3 Wing Com­man­der. Co­lo­nel William Ra­diff, chose the run and com­ple­ted the race as a team.

Pe­do­me­ter Chal­lenge

For the whole month of May, an ac­tive life chal­lenge was ins­ta­ted for the mi­li­ta­ry, their fa­mi­lies and the ci­vi­lian per­son­nel. More than 200 people ac­cep­ted the chal­lenge; double the num­bers of last year! This lo­cal chal­lenge is an op­por­tu­ni­ty to help create a culture of health and well- being in the De­fense com­mu­ni­ty. It consis­ted of wal­king the mi­ni­mum re­com­men­ded steps a day, which Health Ca­na­da re­com­mends as 10,000. This is real­ly a chal­lenge that is im­por­tant to the par­ti­ci­pants; who are ta­king the 10,000 steps a day ve­ry se­rious­ly! One of the contests was for ‘ most original team name’. Af­ter vo­ting, it's the team "Not Fast, Just Fu­rious" who won the prize; in­su­la­ted steel be­ve­rage bot­tles! The com­pi­la­tion of the steps is in pro­gress and the win­ners of the draws will be an­noun­ced in mid- June.

Mo­bile PSP Unit

This year, in or­der to in­tro­duce the mi­li­ta­ry to the mo­bile PSP pro­gram, fit­ness ins­truc­tors have mo­ved in­to the unit to of­fer bet­ween 10 and 30 mi­nutes of taught theo­re­ti­cal and prac­ti­cal content on in­ju­ry pre­ven­tion re­la­ted to dai­ly tasks. A to­tal of 11 units par­ti­ci­pa­ted and near­ly 165 sol­diers be­ne­fi­ted from this ser­vice

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