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On 18 Ju­ly 2018, Ad­ju­dant ( War­rant) Luc For­tier re­cei­ved the Mi­nis­ter of Ve­te­ran Af­fairs Com­men­da­tion, an award for a se­lect few who contri­bute to the care and well­being of ve­te­rans.

Adj. For­tier, is an in­fan­try­man from the Royal 22e Re­gi­ment cur­rent­ly em­ployed at 2 Wing as a Trai­ning Spe­cia­list. He ser­ved over 29 years and com­ple­ted 8 tours over the course of his ca­reer. He is al­so cur­rent­ly the pre­sident of the Royal Ca­na­dian le­gion Branch 235 Chi­cou­ti­mi and of the Sa­gue­nay/ LacSaint- Jean Ve­te­rans UN/ NATO group.

Adj. For­tier, like ma­ny others in the mi­li­ta­ry, suf­fers from Post- Trau­ma­tic Stress Di­sor­der ( PTSD). Through ser­vices offered and peer sup­port, he was able to over­come the worst part of this hor­rible di­sor­der. Af­ter­wards he de­ci­ded that he wan­ted to pay it forward and he as­sists others in si­mi­lar cir­cum­stances.

Adj. For­tier sta­ted that, “Ve­te­rans Af­fairs is open from 8 A. M. to 4 P. M. but if anyone needs help I am here for them from 4 P. M. to 8 A. M.” For­tier wants to en­sure that he will conti­nue to see his col­leagues at work in fu­ture years to come.

In ad­di­tion to the as­sis­tance he per­so­nal­ly pro­vides, the pro­ject he is cur­rent­ly wor­king on aims to set up a re­cep­tion cen­ter for people in dis­tress in the Sa­gue­nay.

He al­so wants to create a self- help group, a bit like Al­co­ho­lics Ano­ny­mous for ve­te­rans who want to meet people with the same pro­blems as they do.

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