Calls for a new are­na

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The pre­sident of the St. Laurent rin­gette clubs came to convey the com­plaints from St. Laurent’s ice sport as­so­cia­tions that say that there are not en­ough ska­ting rinks to meet their needs. Each year hun­dreds of chil­dren are re­fu­sed ac­cess to these clubs.

The mayor has made it un­ders­tood from the start that cons­truc­tion of ad­di­tio­nal fa­ci­li­ties is not on the agenda.

“Our ser­vices have ack­now­led­ged that there is a need,” he said. “We will check if there are ob­vious and fi­nan­cial­ly viable so­lu­tions.”

The mayor im­me­dia­te­ly no­ted that the pro­jects for the li­bra­ry and sports com­plex alone cost $30 mil­lion and $44 mil­lion res­pec­ti­ve­ly. Mes­sage:there is real­ly no more mo­ney avai­lable for new fa­ci­li­ties in­ten­ded for ska­ters. “I do not want to give you false hopes, I want to be straight­for­ward,” conclu­ded the St. Laurent mayor.

A pe­ti­tion and com­ments made by ci­ti­zens were sub­mit­ted by the ice sports as­so­cia­tions.

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