No­tice to the re­si­deNts of the cha­me­raN-Le­beau sec­tor

Les Nouvelles Saint-Laurent - - DOSSIER SPÉCIAL -

The Cha­me­ran-Le­beau neigh­bou­rhood has been se­lec­ted to be­ne­fit from the Ci­ty of Mon­tréal’s in­te­gra­ted ur­ban re­vi­ta­li­za­tion pro­gram (Re­vi­ta­li­sa­tion ur­baine in­té­grée, or RUI).

The RUI is a long-term ini­tia­tive that aims to im­prove the qua­li­ty of life in an en­tire sec­tor by cal­ling on the in­vol­ve­ment of all sta­ke­hol­ders: the pu­blic sec­tor, com­pa­nies, com­mu­ni­ty or­ga­ni­za­tions and, of course, re­si­dents in the sec­tor tar­ge­ted by the ini­tia­tive.

In or­der to get an un­ders­tan­ding of the is­sues af­fec­ting the re­si­dents of the Cha­me­ran-Le­beau sec­tor, a stu­dy is being conduc­ted bet­ween Oc­to­ber 12 and No­vem­ber 23, 2012. To this end, a com­pa­ny with ex­per­tise in the mat­ter has been man­da­ted with the task of com­pi­ling da­ta by te­le­phone in your neigh­bou­rhood. We en­cou­rage you to par­ti­ci­pate in this stu­dy and the­re­by take the op­por­tu­ni­ty to convey your thoughts, in a confi­den­tial man­ner, on such im­por­tant to­pics as neigh­bou­rhood clean­li­ness, ac­cess to ser­vices, the heal­thi­ness of dwel­lings, sa­fe­ty, and ma­ny others.

An in­for­ma­tion ses­sion to present the re­sults of the stu­dy will be held once the stu­dy is com­ple­ted. So stay tu­ned for fur­ther news concer­ning the RUI ini­tia­tive in this sec­tor!

For more in­for­ma­tion about the stu­dy or the RUI ini­tia­tive, I in­vite you to contact An­toine Nou­bou­wo, at 514- 0748-2000, ex­ten­sion 118.

Yours tru­ly, Alan DeSou­sa, FCA Mayor of Saint-Laurent

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