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POR­TRAIT. The slap of snea­kers hit­ting the ground is not so­me­thing usual­ly heard at four o’clock in the mor­ning. But in Saint-Laurent, un­til 9 am, ear­ly ri­sers wave a slee­py hand at a fa­mi­liar pas­sing fi­gure, Theo « Run­ning Ma­chine » De­la­cas.

The 73 year old is up and run­ning, rain or snow. In his youn­ger years he re­mai­ned ac­tive in soc­cer and star­ted run­ning as a way to keep in shape as he en­te­red his for­ties. A short time la­ter he par­ti­ci­pa­ted in his first ma­ra­thon.

My DNA is dif­ferent, God bles­sed me. I can do so­me­thing no one else can do. Run 50 miles yes­ter­day and I will do again to­mor­row, he proud­ly ex­plains.

He has be­come quite the ce­le­bri­ty as well, known to the over­night po­lice pa­trols and some re­si­dents. « I can­not be­lieve my eyes, you are my he­ro, » yel­led out a man who has been ta­ken up jog­ging, ins­pi­red by the Run­ning Ma­chine after seeing him on te­le­vi­sion.

De­la­cas says it hap­pens quite of­ten and has hun­dreds of pic­tures with his fans to back that up. Eve­ry­bo­dy sup­ports me eve­ry day.


Ori­gi­nal­ly from Ke­fa­lo­nia, an is­land in the Io­nian Sea west of main­land Greece, he mo­ved to Mon­treal in 1960. He mar­ried and had four chil­dren who have gi­ven him se­ven grand­kids. His apart­ment is filled with pic­tures of the people he has met and races he has en­te­red. A table has all his me­dals and tro­phies. But much to the dis­may of his grand­kids, there are no su­ga­ry sweets, juices or pop in sight.

I eat on­ly ve­ge­tables and fruits, and I ne­ver have pro­ces­sed food. No red meat but so­me­times veal or chi­cken, and wa­ter, lots of wa­ter. It seems to be wor­king for him, as he does not take any me­di­cines and is fit and trim.

De­la­cas tra­vels to Greece eve­ry sum­mer to spend time with his fa­mi­ly, but he still runs. In ma­ra­thons there, he has won four gold me­dals and a tro­phy that he dis­plays proud­ly. He en­joys his simple ap­proach to life. No­bo­dy will love you un­less you love your­self first.

(Pho­to : TC Me­dia – Da­vid Cox)

Fit as a fiddle and rea­dy to run a ma­ra­thon, the Run­ning Ma­chine is proud of his ac­com­plish­ments.

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