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Those li­ning up for an H1N1 shot at the re­gion’s on­ly vaccination centre in Vau­dreuil-Do­rion can al­so si­gn their name to a pe­ti­tion de­man­ding that a pro­po­sed re­gio­nal health fa­ci­li­ty be built soo­ner ra­ther than la­ter.

Cli­nic vo­lun­teer Serge Tur­cotte said al­most eve­ryone who walks by the table bea­ring a pe­ti­tion ex­pec­ted to be de­li­ve­red so­me­time to Yves Bol­duc, Mi­nis­ter of Health and So­cial Ser­vices, si­gns their name and town on the dot­ted line.

“I would say 99-percent of people want to see (a health centre) be built, so yes, they si­gn,” Tur­cotte said, ad­ding, “the on­ly ones who don’t are the ones we don’t have time to talk to.”

Tur­cotte said vo­lun­teer wor­kers at the H1N1 cli­nic take turn man­ning the pe­ti­tion table, which is or­ga­ni­zed by the Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes CLSC.

And though Tur­cotte could not say how ma­ny si­gna­tures have been col­lec­ted in to­tal, close to 300 people had si­gned on du­ring his shift alone.

Bol­duc, who vi­si­ted the re­gion in Sep­tem­ber, said that a boo­ming Vau­dreuilSou­langes po­pu­la­tion has made buil­ding an am­bu­la­to­ry me­di­cal centre so­mew­here in the coun­ty a prio­ri­ty.

To si­gn the pe­ti­tion, go to the H1N1 vaccination cli­nic, 430 Har­wood Blvd., in Vau­dreuil-Do­rion (bet­ween Édi­tions Vau­dreuil book store and TimHor­ton).

The cli­nic is now ac­cep­ting all re­si­dents of the 23 Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes towns. For in­for­ma­tion about the vac­cine, go to www.san­te­mon­te­re­­dreuilsou­langes, or call 1 866 461-9333.

For ge­ne­ral in­for­ma­tion about the H1N1 flu vi­rus or a list of symp­toms, go to www.pan­de­mie­que­


CLSC­vo­lun­teerSer­geTur­cotte loo­ke­don as people si­gned a pe­ti­tion de­man­ding a health centre be built in the re­gion.

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