Lynn Miller

Vau­dreuil-Do­rion Ori­gi­nal­ly from New Zea­land

L'Etoile - - IN OTHER WORDS -

Ch­rist­mas in New Zea­land is qua­li­ty beach time. It’s sum­mer now in our coun­try so Ch­rist­mas day means ha­ving bar­beques, ea­ting fresh, cold meats and crisp sa­lads. Other tra­di­tio­nal Ch­rist­mas foods are roast tur­key, ve­ge­tables and sauces and rich, frui­ty Ch­rist­mas pud­ding with bran­dy sauce for des­sert. People al­so make mince pies and of­fer chop­ped dried fruit mix­ture to guests.

The ho­li­day tree was usual­ly a scrag­gly pine with pre­sents brought by Fa­ther Ch­rist­mas un­der­neath. Of course, like eve­ryw­here, we had fa­mi­ly squabbles, but we’d solve them while swim­ming in the oceans, creeks or ri­vers, de­pen­ding on where you were that day.

Ano­ther fa­vou­rite was ga­the­ring ‘round with fa­mi­ly and playing games.

I feel like I could use a lit­tle bit of sum­mer­time right about now!


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