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Bridge war­ning nee­ded


Dear Edi­tor,

I have been trying to get Trans­port Ca­na­da to ins­tall an elec­tro­nic si­gn on high­way 40 west­bound anyw­here bet­ween des Sources Blvd. to Saint. Charles to warn west­bound traf­fic about pro­blems on the Îles-aux-Tourtes Bridge so that dri­vers (from the Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes re­gion) may de­tour down to high­way 20 to get home ins­tead of sit­ting in traf­fic.

I did this be­cause of (an in­ci­dent) that took place on the bridge a month ago that stop­ped traf­fic com­ple­te­ly and eve­ryone had to turn around at the exit before the bridge. There are no si­gns onWest­bound 40 in­di­ca­ting any pro­blems on the bridge and as more people move off-is­land and when the CP Ter­mi­nal will be com­ple­ted, this si­tua­tion will be in­to­le­rable. I had contac­ted (MNA) Lu­cie Char­le­bois’ of­fice and re­cei­ved an ans­wer on Fri­day that the Trans­port Mi­nis­try is consi­de­ring si­gns for the 40, the 13 and other high­ways. I as­ked how they de­ter­mine prio­ri­ties and was told ba­si­cal­ly that all of these high­ways need one. I al­so ex­plai­ned thatWest­bound there are on­ly two choices, the 40 or the 20.

My ques­tion is can we start a pe­ti­tion to put pres­sure on Trans­port Ca­na­da? Can you help to make more people aware of the si­tua­tion and to write or call the MNA’s in their off-is­land ci­ties to make this move along?

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