Lo­cal res­tau­rants show­case fruits & veg­gies for nu­tri­tion month

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Que­bec's mi­nis­ter of health and so­cial ser­vices is soun­ding a lot like mom when ur­ging people to eat fruits and ve­ge­tables eve­ry day.

But the go­vern­ment is doing more than nag­ging, they've laun­ched a pro­vince-wide cam­pai­gn to coin­cide with nu­tri­tion­month.

Fruits et Lé­gumes en ve­dette is an ef­fort part­ne­ring pro­vin­cial nu­tri­tio­nists with lo­cal food gro­wers and agri­cul­ture as­so­cia­tions, as well as some450 res­tau­rants acrossQue­bec.

In the Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes re­gion 10 lo­cal ea­te­ries have ta­ken the health­mi­nis­ter's chal­lenge to come up with af­for­dable meals that fea­ture fruits or ve­ge­tables.

Hun­gry pa­trons can give heal­thy ea­ting a try by going to res­tau­rants dis­playing the fruits and ve­ge­tables lo­go.

"It's ea­sy to choose a res­tau­rant with gour­met foods that are good for you and are full of fla­vour and co­lour," say or­ga­ni­zers, ad­ding it is pos­sible to eat out­side of the ho­me­wi­thout com­pro­mi­sing qua­li­ty foods and good health.

Chan­ging ha­bits

Sta­tis­tics Ca­na­da reports that the days of ga­the­ring around the fa­mi­ly table for th­ree meals are gone.

About half of the meals ea­ten in Que­bec are pre­pa­red out­side of the house, says Sta­tis­tics Ca­na­da, who found that 49-percent of the food we eat comes from res­tau­rants, ca­fe­te­rias or food ma­chines.

"This is a change in food ha­bits that we can't un­de­res­ti­mate," says Dr. Jo­ce­lyne Sau­vé, di­rec­tor of pu­blic health for the Mon­té­ré­gie.

And Jean-Pierre Les­sard, Mon­té­ré­gie east re­gio­nal di­rec­tor for the­mi­nis­tère de l'Agri­cul­ture, des Pê­che­ries et de l'Alimentation says the cam­pai­gn is al­so an op­por­tu­ni­ty for res­tau­rants to show­case their cu­li­na­ry skills by crea­ting heal­thy meals using in­gre­dients that are good for clients.

Go for co­lour

"Fruits and ve­ge­tables are the base for good health," notes Dr. Sau­vé, ad­ding such foods are a great source of an­tioxi­dants that pro­tect the bo­dy from­chro­nic di­seases such as heart di­sease, obe­si­ty and dia­betes.

People should eat bet­ween five and ten ser­vings of fruits or ve­ge­tables dai­ly, ideal­ly se­lec­ting items in a va­rie­ty of co­lours.

Nu­tri­tio­nist say people can chose fruits or ve­ge­tables that are fresh or fro­zen, no­ting that un­der such gui­de­lines it's al­ways pos­sible to­ma­ke­heal­thy food choices.

Par­ti­ci­pa­ting res­tau­rants

The Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes Health and So­cial Ser­vices Centre has lis­ted ten res­tau­rants par­ti­ci­pa­ting in the fruits and ve­ge­tables cam­pai­gn. They in­clude: Chez Les De Ville­mure, lo­ca­ted at 7, rue Prin­ci­pale in Co­teau-du-Lac, La Soupe À Pa­pa, at 1, rue Prin­ci­pale in Co­teau-du-Lac, Vieux Kitzbü­hel at 505, bou­le­vard Per­rot in L'Île-Per­rot, La Mai­son du dé­fri­cheur, si­tua­ted at 976, mon­tée du Bois-Franc in Ri­gaud, Mo­mes­so Ca­fé, lo­ca­ted in the Saint-La­zare Sports­plex at 1850, rue des Loi­sirs in Sain-La­zare and Casse-Croûte Hen­ri de l'Aré­na Vau­dreuil-Do­rion, lo­ca­ted at 9, rue Jean­notte inVau­dreuil-Do­rion.

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