Pin­court re­si­dents help iden­ti­fy bad dri­vers

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Al­most eve­ryone who drives a car has en­coun­te­red bad dri­vers on lo­cal roads. And most wish po­lice were conve­nient­ly on-hand to wit­ness fla­grant in­frac­tions and to do so­me­thing about it.

But a new pro­gram laun­ched last week in Pin­court will al­low ci­ti­zens to blow the whistle on those who re­gu­lar­ly di­so­bey the rules of the road.

SVP-MER­CI is a pro­gram al­lo­wing people to re­port traf­fic pro­blems like ex­ces­sive spee­ding, run­ning stop si­gns, pas­sing stop­ped school buses and so forth, on a de­di­ca­ted Pin­court web­site or phone line.

The town has tea­med up with Sûreté du Québec po­lice to form the pro­gram.

Ac­cor­ding to Mayor Yvan Car­di­nal, SVP- MER­CI will em­po­wer re­si­dents to “take an ac­tive part in road sa­fe­ty,” while al­lo­wing them to iden­ti­fy pro­blem dri­vers or pro­blem areas of town.


Re­si­dents who wit­ness road in­frac­tions can call the town or log on­to its web­site to re­port what they saw.

Those lod­ging a com­plaint can re­main ano­ny­mous if they want, says Car­di­nal, ad­ding people who use the sys­tem can fol­low up on their claims.

And as vio­la­tions are re­por­ted via the web­site or phone line, Pin­court em­ployees will ana­lyse da­ta.

The idea is to ga­ther concrete sta­tis­tics iden­ti­fying on­going trouble spots, or those places where a large per­cen­tage of people rou­ti­ne­ly speed, run stop si­gns, or other such re­peat in­frac­tions.

Car­di­nal, who no­ted spee­ding has been iden­ti­fied as a top concern by re­si­dents du­ring ma­ny town coun­cil mee­tings, says the town would then in­form po­lice about pro­blem areas so they know where best to fo­cus man-po­wer to have the­most im­pact.

In ad­di­tion, the town is ready to use mea­sures such as elec­tro­nic speed indicator mes­sage boards, which let dri­vers know how fast they’re tra­ve­ling, speed bumps, and so forth.

But po­lice warn SVP-MER­CI does not em­po­wer re­si­dents to chase af­ter law brea­kers, or to take the law in­to their own hands.

And it does not mean po­lice will spend less time in Pin­court.

SQ cap­tain Ray­mond Gil­bert, di­rec­tor of East di­vi­sion, no­ted the pro­gram’s aim is that of pre­ven­tion and that po­lice will be on hand to in­ter­ve­new­hen nee­ded.

To use SVP-MER­CI, Pin­court re­si­dents can call 514 453-8981, ext. 375, or go to the town’s web­si­tewww.vil­le­pin­

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