Pu­blic as­ked to help ba­by birds

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Do you hap­pen to have a fa­mi­ly of geese li­ving near you, or have you spot­ted such a bird group in the area?

If so, Le Ni­choirWild Bird Re­ha­bi­li­ta­tion Centre would like to hear from you.

The Hud­son non-pro­fit or­ga­ni­za­tion is trying to re­lease se­ven Ca­na­dian goose gos­lings that were brought to them last week.

Since the centre ope­ned May 13, they’ve had more than 40 wild birds - most­ly or­phans - brought in by concer­ned people.

Though staff can feed and raise the se­ven gos­lings un­til the birds reach ma­tu­ri­ty, they say prompt ac­tion now would al­low the young geese to have a more na­tu­ral up­brin­ging.

‘‘The best place for these gos­lings to ma­ture is with a pair of geese that al­rea­dy have gos­lings of a si­mi­lar size to fos­ter them ’’, ex­plai­ned Le Ni­choir di­rec­tor Su­san Wy­lie, ad­ding gos­lings tend to be­come ea­si­ly ha­bi­tua­ted to hu­mans.

She said the ideal fos­ter pa­rents would al­rea­dy be ca­ring for off­spring that are about four inches tall.

‘‘If we can find a sui­table pair, we ac­tual­ly can re­lease our gos­lings and the wild ones will adopt them.’’

Since Ca­na­dian geese tend to stay in the same area, the centre is as­king for the pu­blics’ help in lo­ca­ting a sui­table adop­tive fa­mi­ly.

A Ca­na­dian Goose (ber­nache) has a black head and neck and aw­hite chins­trap. It has a light tan to cream breast and a brown back.

Gos­ling ba­bies, meanw­hile, have yellow down, or fea­ther, and black feet.

If you spot such a fa­mi­ly, please contact Le Ni­choir by phone at 450 458-2809 or by email at in­fo@le­ni­choir.org.

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